Application for F3 (Nation) Board Membership

F3Nation PAX:

As many of you have heard, F3Nation and the F3Foundation are combining forces on January 1, 2020 to form a single non-profit organization which will be called F3. F3Nation and F3Foundation will continue to exist as divisions of F3.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Slaughter’s informative podcast on the topic, you can find it embedded here:

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To ensure that the new F3 gets off to a powerful start, we are currently recruiting directors for the our new combined board of directors, which we call the F3B.

* * *

F3B Overview

Here is how the F3B will work:

  • Directors will serve two or three year terms, with two terms being the maximum.
    The F3B will consist of four to seven directors, two of whom are already in place.
    A minimum of one director seat seat will remain open indefinitely.
  • The F3B will meet four times a year, with three of those meetings to be held via videoconference. The fourth meeting, which will be the F3B’s annual meeting, will be held live and in person, which will require travel by the directors to meeting location.
  • Although the F3B will be a single board that governs both F3Nation and F3Foundation business, every meeting will have a separate session for each component.

* * *

Changing Roles for the Current XG

The members of the Executive Group that has led F3Nation to this point will assume different roles and interactions with the F3B. While those roles are still being finalized, here is a rough sketch that can guide you through the F3B director application process:

  • Dark Helmet will be stepping down as Q of Culture to assume the role of President of F3Nation (the position currently held by Dredd).
  • CR has stepped down as Q of Expansion and now will be President of F3Foundation (the position previously held by Haywood).
  • Slaughter will step down as Weasel Shaker of F3Nation, to take on the role of COO for F3. He’ll oversee finance, IT, partnerships, and day-to-day operations of all entities of the organization.
  • Dredd is stepping down as Nan’tan of F3Nation to serve as CEO of F3. His leadership role expands to oversee both F3Nation and F3Foundation, ensuring both missions are aligned and have appropriate strategic direction.
  • I am stepping down from all operational activities of F3, including current roles in Ops, Finance, and Technology. I have accepted a role as the organization’s first Chairman of the F3B. As such, I am overseeing the director recruiting process, future F3B meetings, and leading the directors who are responsible for governance of the organization.
F3 Org.png
F3 2020 Operating Structure (not intended as a organizational chart)

* * *

If there is additional information that is helpful for you to have prior to applying, please contact me directly on Slack.

The Application is listed in full below. Applications will be taken through the end of the month, although interviews will start prior to applications being closed.

Looking back, it’s amazing to think F3 has been around close to nine years. For us as leaders to make nine into 90 and 900, we are looking for the next generation of men so we can leave no man behind.

* * *


F3 2020 Director Application


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