Raleigh’s 9.11.2001 Convergence Gets National Attention

(Editor’s note: While there were many convergences for 9/11, F3 Raleigh received major local and various national coverage for its tribute. Below is courtesy of their awesome group. Main image courtesy News & Observer. -AP)

American Flag

On September 11th 2013, 59 PAX, including 4 FNGs, climbed 110 flights of stairs in the parking deck at the Northwest corner of Moore Square.  This was F3 Raleigh’s second annual convergence to celebrate and honor the lives of the 2977 people, including 411 first responders, who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  Enough said.


110 flights of stairs

We’re missing a couple guys from the PAX list.  Let YHC know if you were there and you’re not on the list.

YHC is stoked to know that Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld, will now be joining us in the gloom!

The success of today’s convergence was a real testament to the dedication, teamwork and momentum that we have going on at F3 Raleigh.  Let’s keep it up.

In case you didn’t notice, there were cameras present today.  The event was covered by WRAL, WTVD and the N&O.  Hope you didn’t get busted resting on a hand rail.  Here’s a few links to the media coverage…


Photos: N&O pics

Video 1: WRAL coverage:


Video 2: WTVD coverage (For Maize’s moment in the sun… go to minute 3:18)




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Chong Li

A day to remember in many ways. That was really something special to be a part of.


Great idea a year ago, great idea to repeat it again. What an outstanding group of men to be associated with, lots of things to reflect on today.

White Shoe

Incredible leadership by Gnobby. Inspired response by the PAX.


Today was special. I am Blessed to be part of this group of Men

Tater Tot

A blessing in so many ways brothers. Proud to be a part of this event and F3!

Chelms aka Tatertot

Tater Tot – would be great to meet one day and swap stories on our names. I had aka added by Dredd a few months ago and it’s pretty funny.

Tater Tot

Sounds great Chelms! Let me know when you’re up this way again. Aye!

Chelms aka Tatertot

Raleigh PAX raising the bar. Awesome work. Send one of your PR guys to Charlotte to give us some tips.

Life Alert

THANKS for allowing me to run the 110 flights of stairs with you guys in Moore Square yesterday – an inspiring and unforgettable experience – as stated by The Terminator (who also had a fake metal hip), “I’ll be back!”


Thank you brothers for a memorable day that I will never forget. Greatest thing is that the focus remained on those we set out to honor and not on us – We Are Third.


Bravo, gents. Classy way to honor those serving and those lost.


Awesome work fellas. Very inspiring.


Fantastic event, fantastic media coverage. I think we will steal this for Columbia next year. The photo pick up by the Associated Press was epic — that pic is showing up everywhere. My favorite part of the whole story: Last year 8, this year 60. What a difference a year makes. T-claps to Raleigh!


Nothing to steal, brother, nothing to steal. We were inspired to do this by stories of firefighters and others who have done it previously. Would love to have the nation join in next year.

Captain Kangaroo

I was alerted via text early yesterday morning … “Is that you in the newspaper? Beautiful picture.”
I have to agree although I would have liked the opportunity to airbrush my forehead a little bit. Great event and I’m proud to have been a part of it. Thanks to whomever did the bulk of the organizing. Although it garnered less media attention, I’d like to mention that my 10 y.o. ran the steps in our house 110 times so he could be like the old man.


This!! ==> “I’d like to mention that my 10 y.o. ran the steps in our house 110 times so he could be like the old man”

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