43 Feet Podcast: Mental Battle with Dark Helmet, Ralph, Mulch and SeaBass [Episode 123]



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Outstanding topic! The perfect queue up to introduce The Crucible, the only men’s mental health AO in the Western Region (perhaps the nation?) Launched 3 years ago, The Crucible is a ‘COT inside the COT’… a 100% confidential weekly shield lock AO where “the beatdown” is a conversation among the men, along a specific conversational process (which in typical F3 fashion, has been honed to a fine tuned format over time… modifiable by whoever is running Q that session… and where participation in the process itself is modifiable to the comfort and commitment level of each man present.)

I am The Crucible site Q, and warmly invite and encourage anyone interested in establishing a consistent weekly AO designed to support the pax mental health… including each HIM’s skills and strengths to support and manage the mental health of the people that look up to them (2.0s, Ms, employees, and radiating out.)

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