2023 Board Applications Now Open

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. That statement rings true as the F3 Nation Board of Directors begins to officially turn over. Three years ago, AP began the difficult process of forming what would become the first F3 Board of Directors, and serving as its Chairman.  Over the past three years that group has passionately served the men of F3, given their time and expertise to the SLT, and tried to help stay 43 feet ahead of HIM across the country. When the Board of Directors was formed, the terms were structured to ensure that a staggered fluctuation would occur ensuring proper continuity in its members.  At the end of 2022, we have the first two members of the board rolling off. I would like to take a moment to thank AP and Legal Zoom for their time, commitment and leadership over the past three years. With their departure it opens up an opportunity for two more HIM to dive in and lead! 

The Board of Directors is excited about this opportunity and confident the men of F3 Nation will heed the call. The growth over the past few years has been exponential, and the need for men to step up and lead has never been greater.  

We’ve opened up the application process once again. I expect the process to be very competitive and friendly, much like an F3 workout and much like the last two times we entered this process. 

To give you some additional insight, directors will serve three year terms, with two terms being the maximum. The board meets four times a year, with three of those meetings to be held via video conference. The fourth meeting is held live and in person, which will require travel by the directors to the meeting location. The F3 Nation Board is a single board that governs both F3 Nation and F3 Foundation business, every meeting will have a separate session for each component.

If there is additional information that is helpful for you to have prior to applying, please contact me directly on Slack.

The Application is listed in full below. Applications will be taken until February 15th, although interviews will start prior to applications being closed.

We’re looking for the next generation of men that are willing to help pave the way for F3 Nation. If you’ve read this far, then I suspect you could be one of those men. 

Thank you,

Clayton Hromadka (F3 Shoota)

Chairman of the F3 Nation Board of Directors

Ralph Jodice (F3 Red Baron)

Member of the Board of Directors

Torian Richardson (F3 Carmen San Diego)

Member of the Board of Directors

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