2021 Board Applications Now Open

As you may have heard, the 10-Year Anniversary was a blast! At the celebration, we also announced a few things I’d like to reiterate here.

First, congratulations to Shoota out of Franklin, TN, for being elected by his peers to be the chairman of F3’s board of directors! He’ll start in this role January 1, 2022, and I’m honored he’s agreed to take what has been done and make it even better.

Second, the board agreed to form a board member search committee that is now ready to take on applications for new members. This committee will live on in perpetuity now, as we originally set up the F3 board to rotate members off yearly after the second year. (We’ve just finished the second year).

As I step down from the overall chairman role here in a few months, I am shifting focus on making sure to set up Shoota, the other board members, and F3 with the best chances for future board member success. On this new committee, I’m joined by Shoota, Snap Fade (board member from Metro), Shoota, Salsa (a pax member out of Puget Sound), and Square (a pax member from Greensboro) in presenting an application for board member/director. We as a group will review each application, chat with candidates, then work toward recommending and ultimately adding members to the board as spots open and fit allows.

I expect the process to be very competitive and friendly, much like an F3 workout and much like the last time we entered this process. If you’re interested in learning more, the application is available below.

Thank you,
-AP (outgoing chairman of the board, current chair of board search committee)

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