The Q initiates and reinforces Teamwork by matching Members to Mission

Teamwork is combined action that is efficient and potent. It requires both Leadership and proficient performance by each Member of the Tasks that are essential to the Team’s Mission. The Q initiates Teamwork by ensuring that he has the right men for the right jobs, and reinforces Teamwork by keeping it that way once he has found the right combination. The Q Equips his Team by matching men to Mission.

Equipping cuts against the grain of popular culture

Where Goo Nation would have us work to improve our weaknesses, Equipping requires a man to Side Source them and focus his energy solely on his strengths. Doing only what each man does best, the Members of a Team combine their actions into a potent and Dynamic cocktail of concerted effort.

The Q’s first step to Equip his Team is to determine the Tasks that it will need to perform in order to accomplish its Mission

If, for example, the Team’s Mission is to conduct an armed robbery of a bank in order to steal its money, the Q would likely identify at least four Tasks: 1) planning (the robbery); 2) subduing (the bank customers and security guards); 3) safecracking; and 4) driving (the getaway car).

The Q’s second step to Equip his Team is to recruit and/or train the men required to perform the Mission-essential Tasks

Since planning, subduing, safecracking and driving require four different skill sets and must be performed more or less simultaneously, the Q recruits four separate men to do them. If four proficient men are not available, he recruits the willing and trains them to proficiency.

The Q’s third step to Equip his Team is to make necessary changes in Membership to correct misalignment with Task

If it turns out that the man the Q recruited to drive is myopic but calm and highly skilled with firearms, while the man recruited to subdue is way too jumpy for a job like that, the Q is quick to fire his subduer and replace him with his driver. While that means he will need a new driver, Teamwork will suffer far more from the misalignment if the Q doesn’t take action.

One thing the Q of a Dynamic Team does not do is shuffle the Members for any reason other than to execute a Black Tahoe. Once he has found the right combination of Members to match Mission he reinforces Teamwork by keeping it that way. U2 has had the same four men playing the same four instruments for thirty years. The Edge sings on exactly one song, and it’s the worst song in the band’s catalogue.

Whether it is a band of musicians or bank thieves, Teamwork is critical to Dynamism.

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