The Q Builds Effective Organizations To Accomplish His Ultimate Purpose

Of the three types of Organizations, it is only the Lizard that will help the Virtuous Leader accomplish his Purpose. The other two will only hold him back because they are in-Effective.

The Bullfrog

Picture an Organization as a ship. The Bullfrog sits inertly at a rusty anchor in the calmest cove it can find while the Leech is somewhere between listing and sinking. But the Lizard is in motion. It is the only Organizational ship that makes headway through turbulent waters to a destination defined by its Articulated Purpose.

Because the Legacy-seeking Q is in motion towards the realization of his Ultimate Purpose, he will find his Membership in an inert Bullfrog to be at cross-purposes with the Organization’s objective of existential continuity. The Q seeks Advantage while the Bullfrog clings to the Status Quo. It is an Institution that has little use for a Virtuous Leader. What the Bullfrog needs is managers to rearrange its Deck Chairs periodically.

The Leech

The Leech, having already collided with the Iceberg, has no real need of Leaders. At most, the Q would find himself bailing water and directing traffic to the lifeboats. Membership in a Leech is about survival not Purpose. The only Legacy the Q will leave there is one of brave but futile gestures.

Because he is oriented on Legacy, the Q doesn’t waste time with Bullfrogs and Leeches. He focuses on building Lizards.

The Lizard Is All About Movement

F3 chose the name Lizard to describe an Effective Organization because it is a creature that is all about Movement rather than size and status.

Although he was the most powerful king of his time, Solomon (like his father David) was aware that size and status do not dictate Outcomes. Then, as now, Goliaths are falling every day.

Solomon identified four things on Earth that were wise despite their small size. The last of these was the lizard, which he found in king’s palaces even though they could be caught with the hand. Solomon’s point was to resist being deceived by the size or stature of something by focusing instead on what the thing can actually do. Because a lizard can climb up walls and wiggle through cracks, there is no place it cannot reach.

Like its namesake, a Lizard is an Organization that can accomplish things that belie its size and stature. In fact, because it is a creature on the move, it is faster and more Effective that way. Size and stature create bureaucratic baggage that inhibits Movement.

A Lizard is Missional Rather Than Existential

The Lizard has no undisclosed agenda and exists for no reason other than to accomplish its Articulated Purpose. It does everything necessary to that end and absolutely nothing else. Until its Articulated Purpose is finally and fully fulfilled, a Lizard is in constant motion. It never sits still. Once it has realized its Articulated Purpose, it designates a new one or dissolves itself because its sole reason to exist has disappeared.

The Lizard Is Led From Within Rather Than Governed From Above

There is no bureaucracy or feudal hierarchy within a Lizard. Its Governance is no larger than what is required for Mission accomplishment. Each Member of a Lizard is an Advantage-seeking Leader himself, a Lizard King, who is expected to seek the fulfillment of the Organization’s Articulated Purpose without specific instructions from the Governance or anyone else. There are no indispensable men in a Lizard, only Sua Sponte Leaders.

A Lizard is not rule-based. It is defined by a set of concise core principles that derive from its Mission. The Lizard Kings are free to seek any Advantage that serves the Articulated Purpose of the Organization without violating a core principle. The Lizard’s Governance Incentivizes the Lizard Kings to seek Advantage through Profit and rewards Advantage-seeking that leads to Failure as readily as it rewards successes.

Lizards Are Decentralized 

Lizards are comprised by a network of Dynamic Teams that work together with a minimum of centralized coordination. The Lizard Kings that develop and Lead the Teams work toward the accomplishment of self-defined and specific Outcomes in furtherance of the Lizard’s Mission. It is these Teams, not the Governance, that drive the Lizard forward toward Advantage.

As they move over new ground, Lizards create and promulgate an evolving doctrine to replicate what has worked and (more importantly) what has been learned from Failure. This doctrine is elastic and open to change, like a map drawn in pencil to reflect continuing exploration of a new frontier. It is not wedded to the ideas of any one man or system and is pragmatic rather than dogmatic. Weaving throughout the Lizard’s doctrine is a unique language that Lizard Kings use to communicate internally for effective teamwork, and externally to convey the Lizard’s ideas to people outside of the Organization.

At its heart, a Lizard is a Movement, a living breathing and very Effective organism. To accomplish his Ultimate Purpose and build his Legacy, the Q builds and organizes Lizards. It is the ultimate Outcome of the Momentum he gains by initiating Movement.

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