Unwavering Loyalty To The Group And Unflinching Determination To Accomplish The Mission 

Commitment is the second of the 5Cs, the F3 Leadership Characteristics.

A Leader Must Be Both Steadfast And Loyal

F3 defines Commitment as the Q’s unwavering loyalty to the Group and unflinching determination to accomplish the Mission. To waver is to shake and quiver unsteadily, to be irresolute and undecided. Wavering men set an unsteady course because they don’t really know themselves where they are going. At most, a follower might wait until until a wavering leader has picked a path in which he can believe, but the majority will have abandoned him long before then.

Equally important is loyalty, for without that there can be be no Trust . Most Leaders can (and do) have many faults, but no man will follow another man very far if he does not Trust him. A Leader who breaches the Trust of his followers through disloyalty has (in most nations) committed the capital crime of treason.

But Loyalty Alone Is Not Enough

Even the most loyal Leader will have little IMPACT without determination. After a series of wavering generals failed to end the Civil War by destroying the Army of Northern Virginia, Lincoln gave command of the Union Army to Ulysses Grant in March of 1864.

Within sixty days Grant had taken the battle directly to Lee in Virginia, but had been twice fought to a draw by a much smaller Confederate force. Unlike his predecessors, Grant did not return to Washington to lick his wounds and gaze at his navel. Instead, he tersely advised Lincoln of his intentions to press on against Lee: “I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.” And he did.

Grant’s determination to end the Civil War decisively was unwavering. Loyalty alone was not enough.

Now consider this: for a Leader, which takes precedence, men or Mission? Neither (it’s a trick question), it’s Mission accomplishment first, but welfare of the men always.

F3’s Mission is the reinvigoration of male Community Leadership. We are Joyfully determined to seeing that through. And yet, we are just as committed to the well being of the people who comprise the Communities and Organizations we serve.

A Leader Knows That His Commitment Will Be Put To The Test

Great, but what if the two should clash? What if a situation arises where Mission accomplishment and the well being of a particular man appear to be at odds? Well, it’s at that point where a Leaders’s Commitment is put to the test.

That’s the point where the Q either proves himself a Leader or is unmasked as a Mascot.

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  1. Aye. That last thought is why it is of utmost import that Commander’s Intent be clear and understood.

  2. This post brings to mind Chamberlain guarding the Union’s flank on Little Round Top as the Alabama 15th and 47th contested it.

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