The Individual Behaviour, Habits And Ethics That Are Beneficial To A Group

For Goo Nation there is no such thing as an objective good or bad—everything is subjective.

Goo is the cultural philosophy of universal Happiness. Because Happiness is a transitory positive feeling governed by mere external circumstance, its presence (or not) is dictated by happenstance, and its measure is dependent upon the feelings of the affected individual.

In a Group ruled by Goo, there can be no such thing as a universal truth or an immutable good

It is all an ever-changing mosaic of relative truth driven by the demands of each person for that which will provide them maximum Happiness in the moment. For Goo Nation, there is no meaningful distinction between that which is beneficial to the Group as opposed to what might benefit an individual Member living within it.

The Q views this differently. Because he has Committed himself to Living Third his individualized wants and desires are subordinated to that which is beneficial to the Group as a whole. Even where (especially where) it does not directly benefit him. While the Q, being a human being, is as subject to the feeling of Happiness as anyone else, he recognizes that the well being of the Group is more important.

Virtue Is Objective

For this act of subordination to make any logical sense there must be an identifiable set of somethings that are objectively beneficial to the Group, regardless of how they might affect a particular individual. Unless these somethings are held to stand above and apart from the whims of the individual, they cannot be somethings to which a man can subordinate himself.

Virtue Is Timeless

Likewise, these somethings cannot shift with the wind of time and place. They must be immutable in the sense that a something that was beneficial to the Group today will likewise be held in the same high esteem tomorrow. Without that assurance, no man would be willing to set himself aside for it. Without somethings with immutable value there will be no Commitment. Without Commitment, there will be no Group. It will be every man for himself.

For the Q, these objective and immutable somethings form the behavior, habits and ethics that benefit the Group

Collectively, they are Virtue. While he is not confused as to what is Virtuous and what is not, the Q recognizes that many other Members of his Group may well be. Attributing to the confused the best motives possible, he assumes that they have been suckered in by Goo to elevate the false-virtue of subjective and individualized Happiness above those true-Virtues that are beneficial to the Group.

Yet, while he understands the dangerous allure of Goo, the Q sees that the logical end of such thinking cannot be anything but the disintegration of Community and the mutation of Lizard into Leech. Because he is Committed to the prosperity of his Groups, the Q has no choice but to be a tireless advocate of Virtue.

Ironically, that is the true path to Happiness—and always has been.

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