The Initiation Of Missionality In The Lives Of Other Men

A Q is a man who lives his life within his D2X. He provides for urgent needs in his Community, leads an individually productive life of Effectiveness in the pursuit of his own Mission and provides Leadership to the Organizations he builds and the Teams that he develops. But he also takes the next step of inspiring others to do the same.

He does this through IMPACT:

  • The Q employs Influence to create a palpable desire for action
  • Because the Q is Missional he is not distracted from his D2X
  • Through Positive Habit Transfer, the Q passes on the skills and habits that he has developed and maintains to be Effective
  • The Q remains Accountable so that his efforts will not be undone by the worldly temptations that surround him
  • The Q employs Correction to keep his Groups focused on the Virtues that keep them healthy and Effective

And finally, the Q engages in Targeting to help others in the pursuit of their own Mission

Effective Targeting is a challenge because every man is designed to play a different role in his Groups. While there is a commonality in the skills and habits of all Effective Qs, there is a wide variance in the D2X’s for which they were each created. Through their D2X, all men are hard-wired to their own unique Mission and will not be Effective unless it is that and that alone which they pursue. Knowing this, the Q does not try to turn other men into mini-versions of himself, but rather helps them become the best possible versions of themselves.

Within Targeting, the Q performs three critical functions:

  1. He helps the other man discover his D2X and refine his own unique Mission
  2. He teaches the man the skills he needs to be Effective in the accomplishment of his Mission
  3. He strategizes with the man to formulate the Outcomes required for Mission accomplishment

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