Advocacy For Virtue

Accountability Precedes Correction

A Q cannot provide Correction if he has not first subjected himself to a set of objective Standards that he has deliberately structured into his life through Enforcement and Consequence. Before he can be an advocate of Virtue in his Community, the Q must be an adherent to Virtue in his life. A man who declines Accountability while seeking to Correct is a hypocrite-scold, a loveless gong banging in the wind.

The Corrector Preaches What He Practices

Men who do not practice what they preach are in surplus in any Community or Organization, and probably always will be. But so is the inverse—the man who will not preach what he practices. This is the man who has subjected himself to some form of Accountability in a manner that has resulted in his adherence to a set of convictions that reflect the Virtues of his Community. And yet, he timidly declines to speak these convictions into the lives of other men. Unlike the scold, he is capable of credibly advocating for Virtue, but he simply will not do it. This type of man lacks the Courage necessary to share his convictions even though he is Committed to living them out in his own life. He is a goose too timid to call the gander into account.

Correction Requires Courage

Why does it take Courage to be a Corrector? Because Correction obligates the Q to stand athwart timeless truths in the face of the hard-driving and ever-shifting tsunami of popular culture. Popular culture is popular because its ideals (as such) capture (if only momentarily) the attention and allegiance of a majority who trail sheepishly behind the cool kids who best understand its power.

The cool kids of Goo Nation know well when to hoist their dampened fingers into the wind of popular culture to discern its sudden shifts so that they can lead the stampede to that newest and greatest thing. Nobody is willing to be left behind by the cool kids, or worse, get trampled by the flashing hooves of their stampede.

Nobody, that is, but the lonely Corrector. He leans directly into the hot wind of Goo Nation, holding fast against the tide, and encourages resistance to what the cool kids are are doing, saying and demanding that everybody else do and say. That makes him “regressive” in their eyes—an object of mockery.

The Q Has The Courage Of His Own Convictions

A Q doesn’t like being mocked any more than any other man, but he takes it like a man for the benefit of his Community. It is through the Courage of his convictions that he is able to stand up to it. This is not the kind of “courage” that will get you feted as a Kennedy Center honoree. It is the opposite of that. The Corrector’s Courage gets him him branded as a hypocrite-scold by the very howling pack of hypocrite-scolds that periodically sweeps to and fro past the immovable flag the Q plants upon the timeless convictions he extols. Preaching what you practice is a culturally thankless job—but one that is absolutely necessary for the ultimate benefit of the Community.

A man ordering his life around the Oprah Bomb of preach always, use words when necessary will find himself gently admired (perhaps), but never seriously followed. The Q knows that strong effect requires forcible contact that is direct, candid and verbal. Hard looks and straight talk are what gets results. Anything less won’t cut through the noise. For the Community to prosper, Virtue requires an advocate.

The Q is willing to be that man.

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  1. Courage is definitely required, more so because we live in a culture that is very much based on individualism (me, me me), hedonism (pleasure, comfort), and minimalism (what is the least I can do).

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