The Ignition Of A Palpable Desire For Action In The Hearts Of Other Men

Ignition is the act of setting something on fire and starting it to burn, transforming energy from the potential to the kinetic. The potential energy of water impounded behind a dam cannot be transferred until it is released and begins to flow.

Potential Must Be Released To Become Active

Likewise, the potential of a man. To become kinetic, to be transferable, it must be released. The Q, acting as a HIM, starts fires in the hearts of other men by helping them release their potential into the kinetic. He transfers energy.

A palpable desire is one that can be plainly perceived. Whether by sight, touch or feel it is a yearning (once obscured) that has been driven to the surface and can no longer be ignored. Until his potential energy is released a man stuck behind a dam is inert, suspended in a state of non-Movement. Through Influence , the Q helps men release their deepest desires for action. He unblocks the dam to let the river flow. He unlocks the Status Quo.

Men Influence By Word And Deed

The methods by which the Q Influences other men are a matter of his own skill and hard-wiring, but the means that all HIMs use are always the same: word and deed. The Q Influences by word and deed. He ignites a powerful desire for action in other men by the things he says (and the way he says them) and the things he does (and the way he does them). Through the combination of word and deed, the Q leads men to abandon their inert life and begin Movement away from the Status Quo.

The Q is a disruptive force in the lives of the inert man.

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