STUDY (Q1.12)

A Man’s Daily Exploration Into The Foundations Of His Faith

Prayer without Study is illogical.

If a man believes in the efficacy of asking his Creator what to expect at death, then surely it makes sense for him to read the answers written down by other men who have been asking the same questions since the dawn of recorded history.

Every belief system, discipline and pursuit has its foundational doctrines

One reason is to provide a common basis of vocabulary for the use of its practitioners. Another is to express the principles upon which the remainder of the structure may securely rest. The Q Studies the common language and foundational principles of his Faith so that he can practice it competently—or abandon it as unsustainable.

Which is not to say that the Q does simply accepts the doctrine of his Faith uncritically

That would be memorization, not Study. Because he is responsible for the Outcome, the Q puts what he Studies to the best test his intellect can provide, to ensure that what he reads can stand up to the type of scrutiny he should expect from his followers. Because the Q does not Whiskey Dick, he cannot be resolute in proclaiming the foundations of his Faith to others if it contains inconsistencies that he cannot resolve for himself.

Anything that is practiced (be it medicine, law or Faith) must be approached as a learNED pursuit.

While its tenets may be immutable, the understanding of its practitioners is ever-evolving. Lawyers do not stop studying the law after they pass the bar and doctors do not pack up their anatomy books after they perform their first surgery. They keep studying to become increasingly competent and evolve their understanding of what they practice.

As does the Q. For him, Faith is a pursuit that must be practiced through diligent Study of the answers his forefathers found to the WHAT-WHAT.

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