PRAYER (Q1.11)

A Man’s Daily Discipline Of Talking With His Creater In Order To Build His Faith

A Mascot can fake his Faith through mere attendance at church, synagogue or mosque and the mouthing of whatever pious-sounding dogmas that accompany his self-proclaimed or culturally-driven worldview. But that only works for the Mascot. The Q needs more. He is not satisfied with eschatological Whiskey-Dicking . He needs to know the truth so he can live it out. Like every other aspect of his life as a HIM, the Q demands the real thing. He seeks the answers to the What-What.

All Men Share The Same Two Questions–And Always Have

The What-What is the amalgam of the two questions upward-seeking man has sought to answer from the time he first tried to associate what he was doing (the things he could control) with what was happening in the world around him (the things he could not control). The first WHAT is what will happen when I die? The second WHAT is what does that mean about the way I should live?

For ancient man, the fact that a lion killed his oldest son while he was off hunting might have been the random product of a man’s bad luck. Or, he thinks, it might be a punishment delivered by the nebulous force that controls the lion—a response to something the man has done (or not done) that has displeased that force. The man, reasoning and sentient being that he is, naturally begins to question his worldly happenstances. Were they the result of chaos or design? If there is a force at work that controls things, how can I appease it so that the lion doesn’t kill my my second son too?

Maybe (he thinks) I should kill the lion, dry out its skull and mount it over the mouth of my cave. Mightn’t that show of respect to the lion satisfy the force in some way that will keep at bay the other hungry beasts that surround me day and night? If it seems to work (or even if it doesn’t), the man comes to believe that he’s discovered a design in the force, that it is in fact The Force, with a logic that he can unlock to his Advantage if he can just discover precisely what it demands of him. So, he begins talking to The Force, seeking the clues to staying on its good side to preserve his life as long as possible. Even if the answers are few and far between, he finds a comfort in the asking.

But that comfort leads the man to a new question. If The Force controls the lion on earth what about the period after-life, when the man has shut his eyes for the final time. He has observed death in others. He has seen the light depart from their eyes as they draw their last breath. Where does it go? Does the light die with the flesh, or does it go somewhere beyond the material world? Does it join The Force, and if so, how can he make sure his light joins The Force as well? Should he be talking to The Force about the next life as well is this one?

Ultimately, the ancient man finds himself asking the same things that we still ask today:

 WHAT will happen when I die?

 WHAT does that mean about the way I should live?

Stripped of their dogmatic flourishes, every worldview boils down to the What-What.

If I have been created, what of that which created me?

Despite all that modern man has learned, the What-What persists, unknown and undeniable. We have unlocked so many of the secrets of what can be known of the material world around us, but not the What-What. We know the moon is not made of cheese, but we don’t yet know WHAT happens when we die or WHAT that means about the way we should live.

For that, we must learn of the unseen world of the Super Unknown, the land in which Faith of some kind is required. If there is something out there, the Q is the kind of man that will talk to it.

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