The Horizontal Relationship Between Qs

Eyes to the side have the animals that hide. Eyes up front have the animals that hunt.

Man’s eyes are up front. We are hunters not hiders. In fact, we are the apex predator of the Big Ball. But unlike the other hunters, our success is not based upon strength, speed or the size of our fangs. It is our ability to hunt together in a very complex way that puts man at the very top of the food chain. No other animal can do that.

Some animals, like wolves, do hunt in packs because they are more successful that way. But their focus is solely on their prey, what they can see before them with their eyes up front. When they claim their prey it is distributed along a vertical pecking order starting with the alpha male.

The Man-pack Hunts Differently

Instead of focusing solely on his prey, a man also works cooperatively with other men in the pack to see what might be behind him. He recognizes that his eyes up front can only see from 9 through 12 to 3 o’clock. He is blind to his Six unless another man watches it for him. After all, what good is the hunt if the hunter himself is taken by something that sneaks up on him from a place that he, by himself, cannot observe? No man can see his own Six.

Having hunted as a part of a Team, man also distributes the catch that way. Instead of a vertical distribution driven by status, man shares the bounty horizontally, in recognition of the value each Member brings to the overall success of the effort. The man who watches the Six is just as important as the one who throws the spear.

Man Combines To Protect As Well As Hunt

Man the hunter is also born hard-wired to protect himself and his loved ones from other hunters. Recognizing strength in numbers, we combine into Communities for our mutual protection from aggression. When threatened, we lock our individual shields together into a defensive wall to repel the invader. While both threat and defensive means have evolved throughout history, this elemental fact of who we are has never changed. We lock our shields to to protect the people behind the wall.

A healthy Community will have multiple Shield Locks, groups of 3 to 5 men who form the horizontal relationships that protect and enrich us all. The Q recognizes his Shield Lock as an essential relationship.

Because it is his most important Team, the Q takes great care in nourishing it as he knows he can neither hunt nor defend alone.

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