The sacrificial relationship between the Q and his children

After his M, this is a man’s most important relationship on Earth and the place where he should be focusing the right amount of his energy and time.

The Q’s relationship with his children is sacrificial because he will give up everything he has for them

How much money does the Q spend on each of his children? Simple: all the money he has divided by the number of children he is raising.

The Q’s relationship with his children is unique in a critical way

It is the one connection that can never be severed. He can quit his job and get a new one. He can divorce his wife and remarry. But every child he has remains his child forever regardless of how far he may roam, how distant he may become or how many other children he may have. A man may depart from his children, but he cannot quit them. While he may hide from them physically or emotionally his responsibility for them is eternal, as will be the consequences if commits relationship malpractice in their upbringing. The seeds of discontent sown by the ineffective father will yield generations of damaged fruit.

The IMPACT (for good or bad) that a man has on his children cannot be underestimated

The quality of his relationship with them defines the quality of their relationships with everyone else for the rest of their lives. If he is absent, they will be distrustful. If he is capricious, they will be unjust. If he is cold, they will be withdrawn. But, if he is present, just and warm the Q will have imprinted upon his children’s hearts a template of relational success upon which they can rely throughout their lives. They will in turn pass it on to their Shorties. In this way, the IMPACT is infinite.

A father is to his children as the needle point of a compass is to the pencil

As they grow, the arc of their lives is naturally drawn further and further away from the center. The Q founds his point in deep and solid rock, knowing this will ensure that the circles his children draw will be true. Even after he has left the Big Ball his children throughout their lives will rely upon him as the centering anchor empowering them to move boldly without fear of being cast loose from Virtue.

The Q’s unwavering sacrifice for his children allows them the freedom to grow into the men and women they were created to be. He bears this in mind in all his works and efforts.

For them, he sacrifices everything.

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