King (Q1.3)

The Q’s daily discipline of physically training his body

The King is the exercise component of The Royalty Race of Fitness between the King, the Queen and the Jester .

Two-thirds of the Royalty Race comes straight from Jack LaLanne, the modern day Zeus of physical fitness, who said that exercise is king and nutrition is queen—put them together and you’ve got a kingdom. F3 added the Jester, the temptation of the flesh that constantly threatens to topple each man’s kingdom if not held at bay through disciplined application of the DRP. After all, what will it matter if a man is in great physical condition if he is continually tripped up by other things?

The Q builds and maintains the walls of his Fitness kingdom for reasons outside of himself. He doesn’t exercise to get good at exercising. He has a far broader and deeper goal in mind than just feeling strong and looking good on the beach (although there is nothing wrong with either of those two things). The Q stays in strict physical training to get a crown that will last forever. There is an eternal purpose in what he does. He is building a kingdom within which he intends other people to safely dwell.

The goal of the King is to constantly increase 3S2T: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental). These are the aspects of a man’s physical kingdom that enable him to do the things he must do to be a Q. It’s not really very complicated, how can a man be much of a Leader if he can’t pull his family’s luggage off the baggage carousel? What will a son learn from a father who can’t play catch with him in the backyard for more than five minutes without getting winded?

These fragile bodies of ours are what we are given to house our souls. Life, the thing so precious to each person that he will fight tooth and nail to preserve it, is contained within this bag of flesh, muscle and bone we call the body. How can the soul prosper if the body withers? And wither it will, if we don’t put it into motion against continually steeper hills and heavier rocks. The body is made to be used. Let it lie fallow, and it will not produce a good crop. But if it is well plowed and carefully tended, the result will be a bounty.

Exercise is King. The Q serves the King every day.

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