DRP (Q1.2)

The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

In Communities where male Community Leadership is dormant Sad Clown Syndrome proliferates.

A Sad Clown is a man who seems happy on the outside but is joyless on the inside, going through the motions of a life governed by his perception of what is expected of him from the culture rather than in the manner for which he was created. Having no sense of purpose other than existential continuity, he lives for little else than to see his last check clear in the final fearful moments before he greets what awaits him in the Super Unknown .

The Sad Clown can usually be identified by inconsistent fitness (he cyclically gains and loses the same 40 pounds), loneliness (he lacks true meaningful male friendships) and lack of purpose (he has no idea why he does the things he does).

The three F’s of F3 are an offer of an antidote to Sad Clown Syndrome:

• The First F is the provision of consistent Fitness—a healthy relationship with body and soul

• The Second F is the provision of deep Fellowship—a healthy relationship with those in Proximity

• The Third F is the provision of Faith—the hope that results when a sense of purpose is ignited a Fit and Fellowed man

Through the three Fs, F3 helps transform the former Sad Clown into an Accelerating man who steadily increases his IMPACT upon the Community. Ultimately, if he continues to Accelerate, he becomes a HIM, a High IMPACT Man who may leave a legacy that transcends his short time on Earth.

The antidote F3 offers is available to any man willing to swallow it down. F3 calls this taking the Daily Red Pill, or the DRP. It is the decision a man must make each day to keep Accelerating. To take the DRP is to accept the hard truth that we are all ultimately and wholly responsible for the Outcomes in our own lives, in the Communities in which we live and the Organizations and Teams to which we belong.

We all start each day with the choice of whether or not to take the DRP. The Q is a man who consistently swallows it down whole and doesn’t look back.

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