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F3 | February 27, 2017

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Pre-Blast – Convergence to HONOR our Brother Dipstick – March 4, 2017

February 24, 2017 | | 2 Comments

On Saturday March 4, 2017, the #HIM of the GrandStrand will converge and post at 0700 at #Warthog to HONOR our Brother, William “Willie” James Pederson – aka Dipstick

Billboard will be on Q.  Other AO’s here will be closed.  … Continue reading

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5k, Bootcamp & A Surprise Convergence

February 15, 2017 | | One Comment

I rolled up at 0450 and thought it was summer time outside because the temperature was 60 degrees for an AM workout.

5 minute warning was given to the pack and also inform them that we were heading to Independence … Continue reading

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The least of these

February 6, 2017 |

22 of the Rock’s finest HIM’s joined YHC at Old Town on a cold morning and new 5am start time for what was the first 1 hour workout to sharpen the iron and improve themselves.  The plan for today was … Continue reading

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F3 Converges on Taylorsville

February 4, 2017 | | One Comment

Something really cool is happening in F3 HIckory, once a month guys are getting away from the normal Saturday routine of meeting the same men and getting in a workout.  Once a month we are holding a workout at one … Continue reading

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PREBLAST: Pre-Ruck before the Dragon Convergence

January 30, 2017 |

Are you soooo ready to celebrate the 1yr Anniversary of the Dragon this Saturday (2/4/17) that you just cant wait till 0700?  No worries, grab a pack and meet YHC to do a pre-beatdown Ruck March/ Workout.  We will meet in the same … Continue reading

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January 29, 2017 |

YHC decided to take the Q since it was still open the day before and I knew I would be there anyway for the 10K time trial at 0530.  This is the first time YHC Q’d solo on a Saturday.  … Continue reading

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1-2-F3 Houston Convergence: The 3 F’s and the Circle of Trust

January 8, 2017 |

On the 1st Day (1-1-11), F3 was created, and the Sky Q saw that it was good. On the 2nd day (1-2-(F3)17), the heavens opened, the thunder rolled, the lighting crashed, and 22 brave Pax took their #DRP to post … Continue reading

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Last Minute Revolution Impromptu

January 5, 2017 |


Windy, cool, damp and dark, just like the early gloom – in other words, PERFECT! YHC was deep into the Holiday vacation mode and completely forgot that he had the Q.

The Thang:

Warm up:

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2017 – Lean, Mean, F3 Scene

January 2, 2017 |

On a perfect gloomy morning at Wrightsville Beach Park, 21 PAX met at 0700 with light winds, variable clouds and temps in the low 60s for the first official F3 Cape Fear workout of 2017. BTB and Venus with the … Continue reading Read More