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F3 | January 22, 2017

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Greenville, NC

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The World Series

January 21, 2017 |

On 1-18-17 YHC reads String Bean’s “The Longest 40 Yards” and became inspired. I immediately went to the West Side Story’s location to figure out how I was going to one up The Bean of the String. As I walked … Continue reading

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January 20, 2017 |

Had a great turn out for todays Blast Off at BLP! 17 PAX showed up to partake in some exercise and fellowship. There was some EC rucking done by YHC and Past Due that started @4:45 until 5:25 and we … Continue reading

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A Big Leap for F3 Gear: MudGear Shirts to be Built in the USA

January 20, 2017 | | 3 Comments



MudGear is a company born from the F3 experience. In 2012, a FEBA-filled Malkovich and a small crew from F3 Charlotte Metro stepped up to take over F3 Gear ordering responsibilities from OBT, who had grown weary of … Continue reading Read More

Help for My Daughter….

January 20, 2017 | | 9 Comments

1:19 pm UPDATE:  WOW!  When you put the call out to a bunch of #HIM, you get a lot of high-quality information in a short period of time!  I’ve received many recommendations that have been tremendously helpful. As an engineer, … Continue reading

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Lazy Dora

January 19, 2017 |

When Skipper asked YHC to Q The Rush, there was no hesitation.  I started thinking of some ways to use that nice football field out there to the fullest, ran it by my sidekick Driesell (read 12 year old son who … Continue reading

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Luck of the Draw

January 19, 2017 |

Last Thursday, YHC volunteered for the Clydesdales Q and spent the next few days pondering a good beatdown.  I really wanted to get creative and incorporate more of the entire stadium, while also sticking to the non-running philosophy for the … Continue reading

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F3 TheGoodFight

January 19, 2017 |

Warm-up: 15 Side Straddle Hops/15 Mericans

The Thang:

50 KB Swings, 10 pushups, Pine tree

40 KB Swings, 20 pushups, Pine tree

30 KB Swings, 30 pushups, Pine tree

20 KB Swings, 40 Pushups, Pine tree

10 KB Swings, 50 … Continue reading

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The Longest 40 Yards

January 18, 2017 |

Thank you Hometown, for having faith in YHC to Q at The School Yard.

Awesome site and an awesome group of men this beautiful morning!

Pumped to have an opportunity to be at the helm. Been a while!

That being … Continue reading

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PREBLAST: Disaster Early Response Training

January 18, 2017 | | 13 Comments

Are you ready for a convergence with a purpose!!!

After the Hurricane Matthew clean up, it became vitally clear that while F3 had the manpower and gumption to assist in disaster relief, we didn’t have any official credentials. … Continue reading Read More

Pizza Party

January 18, 2017 |

Past Due asked YHC last week if I would Q the Build Up workout this week.  I said yes, but I was hesitant to lead the young guns and beasts that usually show up there on Wednesday mornings.  (Hard to … Continue reading

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