Winston-Salem, NC

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1st F – Fitness/Workouts

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Location,Workout Title,Day of Week,Start Time,End Time,Workout Style
Jerry Long YMCA,Village Idiocy,Monday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
Reynolda Village,The Estate (aka Destroyathon),Monday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
TBD,Run-N-Gun,Monday,0530,0615,5K plus Tabata
Shaffner Park,Speed Trap,Monday,0530,0615,4+ speed miles with Pain Stations
Leinbach Park,The Outhouse,Monday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
Hanes Park,Red Line,Tuesday,0530,0615,Speed Track Drills
Southwest Elementary,Parliament,Tuesday,0530,0615,Strength & Core Workout
First Pres Parking Lot,Flatline,Tuesday,0530,0615,High Tempo Boot Camp (“These go to 11…”)
Hanes Park,Conspiracy,Wednesday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
Meadowlark Elementary,Mayhem,Wednesday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
Reagan Highschool,Bells & Whistles,Wednesday,0530,0615,Kettle-bells & Sprints
Speas Elementary,The Rock Quarry,Thursday,0530,0615,Strength & Core Workout
Clemmons Elementary,The Distillery,Thursday,0530,0615,Bootcamp
TBD,DashWIB,Thursday,0530,0615,Running Squarish Loop with Strength Stations
Knollwood Parking Deck,BROGA,Thursday,0530,0615,Yoga-like workout: Stretch & Strengthen
Bolton Park,Outcasts,Thursday,2000,2045,Bootcamp
First Pres Parking Lot,Urban Assault (aka Pink Camo), Friday,0530,0615,Boot Camp
Hanes Park,Tractors,Friday,0530,0615,Track & Running Drills
Hanes Park,The Other Guys,Friday,0530,0615,Distance Running Practice
Tanglewood Park,Dawg Pound,Saturday,0630,0730,Running with Pain Stations
Hanes Park,Impossible Situation,Saturday,0700,0800,Boot Camp
Speas Elementary,Purgatory,Saturday,0700,0800,Boot Camp
New Sherwood Tennis Club,The Racket,Sunday,1700,1800,Serena Wanna-be Training



2nd F – Fellowship

Location,Title,Day of Week,Start Time,End Time,Gathering Type

Rotating Downtown Restaurants, Lunch Bunch, Thursday, 1130, 1300, Fellowship




3rd F – Faith Gatherings

BANG—30 minutes to an hour of gut-checking conversation where men sharpen one other. Our time is valuable, so we don’t waste it with pleasantries and small-talk. The idea is to dig into the meat of life and uncover the “why” to your life so it won’t get turned upside down through the Sifter.

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