Roanoke, VA

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1st F – Fitness/Workouts

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Location,Workout Title,Day of Week,Start Time,End Time,Workout Style,Q Coordinator
Rivers Edge,Pain Train, Monday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Pinky

Salem Stadium, Salem, Tuesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Zebra

Rivers Edge,Victory Valley, Wednesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Dunphy

Longwood Park, Salem, Thursday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Cake

Fishburn Elementary,The Overlander, Friday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Blindspot

Hidden Valley Middle, Star City, Saturday, 0630, 0730, Boot Camp, Acorn & Saul



2nd F – Fellowship



3rd F – Faith Gatherings

BANG—30 minutes to an hour of gut-checking conversation where men sharpen one other. Our time is valuable, so we don’t waste it with pleasantries and small-talk. The idea is to dig into the meat of life and uncover the “why” to your life so it won’t get turned upside down through the Sifter.