Morehead City, NC

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1st F – Fitness/Workouts

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Location,Workout Title,Day of Week,Start Time,End Time,Workout Style,Q Coordinator

Sanitary Restaurant,Table Setter, Monday, 0530, 0615, Hybrid Boot Camp/ Run,Aflac

Shevans Park,Band of Brothers, Monday, 0530, 0615, Bands,Devlin-MacGregor

Fort Benjamin Park, Knarr, Monday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Blart

Rotary Park,Queen Ann’s Revenge, Tuesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp,Steamer

Morehead City Marlins,Anchor Ball, Tuesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp,Trailorhouse

West Carteret High School,Dreadnought, Tuesday, 0525, 0615, Boot Camp,Misty

Dockhouse Restaurant,Clam Digger, Tuesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp,Flip Ova

Cape Carteret Baptist Church,Boonedocks, Tuesday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp, Purple Rain

Morehead City Country Club,Hole in None, Wednesday, 0530, 0615, Hybrid Boot Camp/ Run,Gertrude

Morehead City Country Club,Tinkerbell Soiree, Wednesday, 0530, 0615, Kettle Bells,Double Mint

Rotary Park,Carterican Court, Thursday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp,Jang-A-Lang

West Carteret High School,The Swashbuckler, Thursday, 0530, 0615, Boot Camp,Second Mile

Dockhouse Restaurant,Man-O-War, Thursday, 0530, 0615, Run,Malibu

Croatan High School,The Rolling Stone, Thursday, 0530, 0615 Boot Camp, Griswold

Moving AO (Check Twitter),Crystal Coast Stampede, Friday, 0530, 0615, Run,Crabby Englishmen

Morehead City Visitor Center,Rucky Duck, Friday, 0515, 0630, Ruck,Frosted Flake

Brandywine Bay,Hashmark, Friday, 0525, 0615, Boot Camp,Pasqually

West Carteret High School,Hero Patriot, Saturday, 0600, 0700, Boot Camp,Lassie

The Dunes Club,Slick Cam, Saturday, 0700, 0800, Boot Camp,Hillary

The Field of Dreams, Saturday, 0700, 0800, Boot Camp, Laettner

Fort Macon State Park,Gordy Lee, Sunday, 0700, 0800, Run Centric,Pocahontes


2nd F – Fellowship

Location,Title,Day of Week,Start Time,End Time,Gathering Type


3rd F – Faith Gatherings

BANG—30 minutes to an hour of gut-checking conversation where men sharpen one other. Our time is valuable, so we don’t waste it with pleasantries and small-talk. The idea is to dig into the meat of life and uncover the “why” to your life so it won’t get turned upside down through the Sifter.

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