In Our Hearts, In Our Mind, In Our Actions

Hotspot, in his experienced, well honed, straightforward sales pitch, asked YHC to Q The West Side Story on Friday.  I’m glad I said yes.  This morning was good for the heart.  It was good for cardiovascular health as well, which you wouldn’t have figured if you were watching Grammar encourage me along as I made agonizing Air Sucking sounds as we made our way through a nice little Run and Gun this morning.  We did something atypical this morning and led the workout with a prayer, commiserated in our pain of a lost friend, and extended gratitude for the impact he made on our lives.  Die Hard showed up with a stress fracture in his leg.  He told us that he wouldn’t be able to do much but he wanted to be here for Papa Smurf.  #Rising #HIM

The Thang


  • 17 SSH
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 15 Merkins
  • 15 Mountain Climbers

Run and Gun Pyramid

It’s about .3 miles around all the buildings on the church grounds.  We partnered up for laps with reps at each corner.  First lap would start with 2 reps of each exercise, the next with 4 of each exercise for a pyramid pattern of 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2

  • Corner 1: Merkins
  • Corner 2: Jump Squats
  • Corner 3: Heels To Heaven
  • Corner 4: Pax Favorite – Burpees

Abs for the six

  • 25 LBCs
  • 20 V ups

Mary led by

  • Hot Pursuit – Flutter Kicks
  • Cousin IT – Situps
  • Mugsy – American Hammers
  • Shrimp – Pocahontas (AKA reach for the fudge stripes)
  • Charlie Brown – 70 second plankorama

COT/BOM led by Charlie Brown – The PAX may give him a hard time for the clarity of his instructions when he Qs but CB can pray with great clarity and zeal.  He said exactly what needed to be said.


Papa Smurf Visitation on Saturday 5/20:  Details to be Announced

Funeral Service:  Oakmont Baptist Church – 2:30 PM Sunday 5/21 – BRING YOUR FLAGS  – T Bone is going to put out more info on the Twitter Machine today.


When we were all circled up for Name-O-Rama today, the count was 13.  Shrimp corrected me and said that the count was actually 14 and that Papa Smurf was right here in the circle with us.  Well said, my friend!  It was a good transition into something beautiful that I experienced yesterday when I had to do something that was rather difficult.  My M and I (FIA Hot Wheels) had been discussing all afternoon how to tell our daughter, Grace that Papa Smurf had passed.  Over the last year, Papa Smurf had made his way into her nightly prayers, her heart, her mind, and her actions.  Tuesday night we were able to go over and see Papa Smurf and his family and spend about an hour with them.  Grace had made a handmade card for him, and in all of his discomfort, he communicated love for her and instructed Mary Anne to put the card on the fridge.  It was beautiful.

So here we are on Thursday evening and my wife sat our 5 year old daughter down to tell her that this amazing man that she had a special connection with had passed.  We calmingly began the conversation and when the I finally broke the news, she looked up at me and confidently said “I knew that was what you were going to say, daddy.”  We had been preparing her so I suppose she expected conversation to take place at some point. She promptly began to experience the emotions and we answered her questions the best that we could.  One of the most beautiful things that she asked me was “What about Mary Anne?”  “What will she do?”  A question that is a testament to the impact of having people like Mary Ann and Papa Smurf in our lives, a heart of servitude and selflessness.”  We explained to her that we would continue to love Mary Ann and the Cooper family as hard as we could and through time, love, and god they would heal.  She asked me what the flag in the front yard was for, and I explained to her that it was in honor and remembrance of our fallen friend.

Then as most 5 year olds do, her attention shifted about 15 minutes into the conversation to a spot on the couch and the conversation changed.  I left the room for a moment and returned upon hearing her cry and the front door opening.  As I glared through the front door and my eyes began to focus I saw the image of this young girl sitting on my shovel flag with arms tightly wrapped around it showing her love for a friend she would no longer see.

This was a powerful image for me because (Just like Shrimp had said this morning) Papa Smurf was right here with us.  He will live in our hearts, our minds, and our actions.  We will carry the lessons that he taught us out into the world.  We will show compassion, courage, and gratitude as we impact others.  We love you Brother!  Aye!




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