Chiseled Speed

Three guys from Harrisburg wanted to get faster.  That is why they showed up at Acceleration.  They didn’t know that it would also make you better looking.  Here is how we did it.

1 mile warm up then start climbing the ladder.

400 meters

800 meters

1200 meters

1600 meters

1200 meters

Outta time.  Cool down with one lap.

Adonis Moleskin:

  • Good to see the usual crowd at the track.  One day the rest of these fools will realize that they need to pick up the pace.
  • Chiseled Speed is the F3 Harrisburg, Acceleration Edition of Blue Steel, Zoolander’s patented look.  We are all signing up for the next Sears Catalog.  I know the scouts will be calling…
  • Really, if you want to see how fast your heart will beat, how heavy your legs can feel, and how much you can sweat in 45 min, come out to the track.  We don’t always turn left but we do always leave exhausted.
  • Yes, this is a late back blast.  It is the first I’ve done in almost 2 years… I’m still (currently) faster than @Solocup.

2 Replies to “Chiseled Speed”

  1. Technically, you’ve been faster than me since your first race, brother…Thanks for stepping up to lead.

    Since there were only 4 guys at the other workout? Where is everyone at on a 70 degree morning?

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