Table Setter ” Dippers last dance”

Fellas, it has truly been an honor to be a part of F3 for almost a year and half…17 months to be exact and to lead the Table Setter for the past 14-15 months has been awesome.  The time has come to turn the flag over and watch another member continue to grow this great group.  I have full confidence in Aflac and his abilities to lead the group, challenge the group, grow the group and never leave a man behind.  I have had many memories and many different experiences in the past 15 months of Qing the Table Setter.  The one thing I have warned Aflac about is the Mumble-chatter is 100% guaranteed each time at the Table Setter.  Usually averaging 20+ every workout, and sometimes 45-50 when we converge, you have to be ready.

F3 has humbled, taught, strengthened me in more ways that I can go into.  I’m a better person all-around since joining F3 and have met so many new faces that have had a positive influence on me each week.  I am grateful for the time you guys have allowed me to give/share with you and I have learned a good deal myself.  It is a great thing we have going in Carterico and it is a true blessing to watch it continue to grow.

As you guys know, my smile will never be as bright or my heart as big until my daughters are back home.  Thanks for all the prayers/support and kind words you have shared with me.  God knows the truth, has a plan and the Dipper will have the last dance.

Obviously I want to give a small shout-out to some guys that have been very influential to me on this journey.  First off My T-Sharp, for picking me up, not taking no for an answer ( the 4th time) and bringing me.  You are the reason I am here writing this today and I am very thankful.  To Gilligan, thanks for my 1st and only splash merlot my very first day ( I shouldn’t have chugged that lemonade after).  Love you man, your a great Egg and a special person..  Sensation- wherever you are now, thanks for the extra push each day, that was fun man and I loved the races.  Steamer and Madoff- love the mumble you bring each day, one of the main reasons it is easier to wake up ( don’t ever change) and good luck with the Gout :).  Jang- thanks for cracking the whip, staying on us each week.. someone has to do it and you do it better than anyone ( T-claps).  Bayliner- thanks for never complaining no matter who is the Q and whatever we have to do.  Gertrude- thanks for always complaining and always getting us to modify something.  Lassie- wow just thanks for being Lassie man, no explanation needed.  Duck butter- your story is inspiring why you came and what you have done since coming ( your pops is smiling down).  BCBS- thanks for letting us know records are set to NEVER be broken.  There is no way someone can post 162 straight days ( still just blown away man and so is Pooh Bear).  Big-Mic and Nipple shot, you guys always bring a smile to my face when I see you.  Such a great influence on our group every time you post.  2nd Mile and Hillary- warriors I would go to battle with any day ( thanks for the road trips).    Misty and Deebo- thanks for coming so Knottyhead isn’t running by himself everyday in the front AND also reminding me why I didn’t run track.  Shroom– thanks for that smile that never fades man and lots of laughs I cannot discuss.  Mee Mee and Flip- 2 boys I love seeing and working out with because they give back the mumble chatter just as much as I do.  Bellyflop and Squeeler- always push every workout and never complains, great role models for the group to follow.  Bunion- thanks for coming each day to keep us in the loop with what is going on in Beaufort.  Tiny Dancer- thanks for the memories and more good times to come…..  Love your name so damn much. Plunger and Ramses—thanks for showing you can still come even if you have to drive yourself….you boys are bad asses….. Costanza- it is a pleasure watching you give 35% every day and some days 40%.  Swag- thanks so much for leading the 3rd F and bible study man ( major T-claps). Squid—my man–thanks for the Ammo-cans and pushing me on the beach last summer…..  Reef Donkey ( just a sick name…..thanks for not taking any lip from Duck butter :)….JAck Rabbit– your awesome man, always the same every day and that’s a good thing.. ..Holiday/double/Delvin/ is great seeing you guys and I hope you continue to stay with us and grow…..Mini-mi- thanks for introducing us to some epic beat downs we will never forget.  To all the guys in G-ville ( bono/shrimp/tate/string bean), Raleigh,( victor/Chippendale), Wilmington– Hoff ” love you man”,  Chapel Hill ( woot woot) thanks for coming and pushing us each time you come.

Sorry to any I left out….

Suitcase- Boss Tweed-Pedro-Juan Poleta-Doogie-Puddles-Cousin- Poundcake- “RESPECT”  you guys inspire me more than anyone and I hope I am in the shape you boys are when I am 50+.  You guys make the entire group better every time you post and do what you do.  Keep pushing each day!!!!

Wararama — quick 1/2 mile mosey to all saints church.  SSH IC x 10, cotton pickers IC x 10, hand release merkins IC x 10, wind mills IC x10.  Mosey 1/4 a mile to the bridge.

The Thang- Everyone lined up (23) single file.  We did Indian runs to the top of the bridge, walked across and came back down.   The 15-17 mph wind in your face did not help…. We did this twice and then made it back to the church parking lot.  We now had 2 miles under our belt early.  It was time for the merkin wave ( 2 groups formed ) and one person did a merkin and plank-jack, while the others planked.,  You could not start until the person before finished.  We did a total of 3 merkins and 3 plank jacks ( probably lasted 3-4 minutes).  30 LBC’s IC while we caught our wind.  Then Quickly moseyed back 3/4 a mile to the tennis courts.  Once we arrived we partnered up and while one person ran across both courts twice, the other did merkins.  “Flap jack”…… Then we bear-crawled to the middle of the courts ( 5 burpees) and crawled to the end.  Heading back across the courts we crab-walked 1/2 way did 5 burpees and then crab walked to the end.  With 3 minutes left we each did 2 jailbreaks across both courts and then headed to the fence for Balls to the Wall ” 60 second hold”.

Misty is on the dredd tomorrow, Beaufort and Rotary both have Q’s and will be open.  Check Slack for more details.  Please keep Ron Burgundy safe on his travels, keep double mint and his uncle in your prayers and Dippers uncle is still battling stage 4 liver cancer and is at Dook hospital today.

As always–it has been a pleasure to lead you men…….SYITG

Dipper’s final dance

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