Faithful 5

As RS continues to shrink due to this aweful sickness know as FartSacking, 5 faithful Stoners rolled in to keep this ship afloat. Insert EH lecture here. I guess Sparknut can’t carry us forever. Anywho…. Mosey to the Bball courts for Warmarama.

25 x SSH IC
5 Burpees
25 x IST ic
4 Burpees
15 Windmills IC
3 Burpees
15 Cotton pickers IC
2 Burpees
15 x Mountain climbers IC
1 Burpees

Mosey to the swings/picnic tables to start this party
2/20 by two latter
Box squats and Swerkins
Plank when done.

Mosey to playground for some @Heatstroke inspired Inverted Partner Rows

5 rounds to fail
Scratch that make it 3 rounds. Fail came quicker than expected.

180 jump squats x 10

head to shelter.

2/20 by two latter
dips/wall sit overhead claps
harder then it sounds for sure.

next latter
10 down 10 up by two
Carolina Dry Docks 10 down/ LBCs 10 up to 20

Why waste a good wall so stick your balls to it.
10 shoulder touches. The Pax left me on this one. Victory for the Q was had. 10 count somewhere in there.

Mosey to my wall for 10 Derkins
10 step ups each leg
10 inclines merkins

Roll to shelter to check out the sweat output on dry concrete for Mary
25 x Low Flutter IC
25 x Rosalitas IC
25 x Low Dollys
Homer to Marge
25 x LBCs IC to polish the morning off.

Moleskin: Honor and a privilege to lead you fine men this am. It’s really cool to see the commitment and progress you boys have made. Thank you for the push.

Prayers for JB’s father in law. My the Lord watch over him and protect him. Guide the Doctors through his procedure. Be with our absent brothers until they return.

“I want you to show love not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings.”

Hosea 6:6

– Whatley

6 Replies to “Faithful 5”

  1. *Ladder

    Nice beat down. Failure on the inverted rows came too quick. Good first round but 2 & 3 were worthless.

    I didn’t remember doing 180 jump squats. That sounds awful. Then I realized it was the 180 degree spins x 10. But 180 jump squats might need to be in our future…

  2. Are we RS, or are we FS now? Great beatdown, pretty debilitating. Way to keep the burpee streak alive…Marie, maybe a few at the cruise tomorrow? Thx for shutting down the inverted rows early, would have just been hanging there quivering on a 5th set. Might have to institute a 1 burpee penalty every time @whatley asks for the time.

  3. Apparently the five days last week was too much for me, especially after the Heatstroke KB punishment yesterday. Hopefully the sleep did me some good and I make it for the last three work outs this week.

    Cruise tomorrow, I have the Q so serves me right if no one shows!

    Until then.

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