Versailles…that MF’ing hill

17 pax ventured out to Sedgefield Middle this morning for their morning medicine at Sparta, the only Obstacle training Metro workout on the website.

The Thang:
Run around the back of the school to the office parking lot for some warm up.
20 merkins IC
Over the wall and rail walk to the stairs.  Jump on the track to the nearest wall for:
20 dips IC

Hop the fence and down the hill for the scramble over the shipping container.
Run over to Versailles Apt Dr for the main event.
Modified Jacobs Ladder with burpees at the top (throw in 10 merkins each time at the bottom). #timekiller  
Mary while the PAX regroups.
Mozy over to the tramp stamp park, stopping on the way for some lbc’s
3 rounds of:
12 pullups
15 merkins
20 dips
Up the hill and run around the track fence to the back side of the school for:
10 donkey kicks
1 min of peoples chair
10 donkey kicks
Back to the parking lot for COT. (45 mins 3.5 miles)

No real plan this morning so kinda combined a couple past workouts. Red Fox and Powell crushed the main event climbing Versailles Apt Dr. Doobie started strong out of the gate, but by the 3rd or 4th climb the wheels came off. By that time we were all struggling though to be honest. All in all, for such a horrible hill, I think everyone was in good spirits #nomutinythreats. Maybe 7 times up the hill is the threshold and once you go above that, say 11 times with burpees and burpees, is where the breaking point is found and the death threats start coming out.
Respect goes to Skyline, our war daddy, for showing us all up.
Nice to see Snookie & Push Press back out here at Sparta, the small number days at Sparta are long gone. #secretsout

Pate birthday today. He said there would be a very special workout on Monday at Phoenix.
Get you Fortitude workout gear and support the Men’s shelter.

Thank you to Double Nichols for the take out and to whoever the site Q is at Sparta nowadays for the opportunity.

Mr. Bo

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  1. Nice one Mr. Bo. Second soul-crusher you’ve Q’d this week. Let the record show that this wasn’t the first time Vamos has fled Versailles under the guise of “stomach issues”.

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