Tsunami gets a new home back in the Ville

Weather – comfortable 67 degrees

Warm up:

8 links free

The Thang:

Kick Set with kickboards

2 links freestyle (FS) kick

2 links butterfly (BF) kick

2 links backstroke (BS) kick

2 links breaststroke (BST) kick

2 links FS kick

Pull Set with pull buoys

2 links FS pull

2 links BF pull

2 links BS pull

2 links BST pull

2 links FS pull

Swim Set

2 links FS

2 links BF

2 links BS

2 links BST

2 links FS

Warm down – Diving Board!!

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Moleskin: Today’s workout was our first one back outside in Summerville at our new home in Newington. It was great to see 15 guys there ready to swim. We got in almost 1000 yards today and worked on breaking down the stroke to the kicks, and then the pulls before putting it back together for the full swim. YHC was proud to lead these men today at my neighborhood pool here in Newington. I have a lot of great memories at this pool with my kids swimming on the team here and being fortunate enough to help coach the team for four seasons. I look forward to helping to lead F3 workouts here for many summers to come.

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