The Stay-cation and/or No-cation Pirate

A mere 9 souls did a slight field trip, station heavy Pirate through a near desolate Rocky River due to rampant vacation.  The PAX that showed worked hard and as an added bonus received significant hand exfoliation at no extra charge.

The Thang:  Warm up (SSH, LSS w/ SH, Walker Bros, and merkins)

  1. Berpentine lap followed by a mere serpentine lap
  2. Concessions – dips and lat/row pull ups
  3. Wagar Hill – bear crawl down and sprint up
  4. School front door – merkins and squats x 25 (complete the Kramer lap to)
  5. Pull up bar – max plus 5 and merkins x 25
  6. Locker room – step ups and derkins x 25

Field work:  burpee hop overs, bear crawl, sprint, and lunge to the Pirate for Gitmo and Sally Wave

6MOM:  extended Freddy due to lack of concentration, Lehigh, Cap’t Thor, GMT, supe and swim

COT:  TaP’s for the families traveling home this weekend.  Dino has the Bricker and Moose Jaw has the next Pirate.  Schotty is looking for a PAX to head down to C-bus at 0430.  Magoo took us home with a Prayer.

Question:  If I bought coffee on an initially three man Coffeeteria, is that indicative of me being 1) the cheapest guys in the group, 2) the poorest guy in the group, or 3) the smartest guy in the group?  Keep posting. Looking for big numbers next week from you vacation slackers.


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