The Rock Quarry

10 Men and YHC toted various heavy objects to Speas Elementary and engaged in an arm break down fest followed by a leg burn out Tabata.  With YHC still nursing a sore ankle this workout may have covered the least distance ever.  Fitbit probably thought the PAX was still rolling in their beds.  A great deal of arm and leg motion did take place with those who selected dumbells larger than 10lbs probably wishing they were older and wiser, except for Resistor who is just older and fussed later in the day about having to have the nurse feed him in the RJR cafeteria as he could not lift his arms.  Palin worked so hard he broke his weights, Goofy brought his supply house and was able to re-equip him in short order.  (Moseying from the parking lot to another part of the parking lot has its advantages.)  Despite the sedentary nature of the workout, sweat and grunting happened.

Tabata on the Lido Deck is always fun, and the good folks with City of Winston-Salem had supplied the area with a pile of sand, we capitalized on the beachy feel!  The PAX seemed unsurprised that I was allowing box jumps to take place without weights…next time my friends, next time.  After a brief rest due to YHC launching the Tabata program without a music playlist designated (the horror!) corrections were made and exercise commenced.

Timing worked out well and we returned the parking lot with some Cusak action for a round of Mary before the 6:15 bell sounded.


Thoughts and prayers for the men running the Smokey Mountain Relay

Speas PTA raising money to cover path to trailer, PAX encouraged to donate funds to help support this AO.

Color Run to benefit Carter High School, 8:00 sign up, 9:00 run.

Here are the details of what went down.

Warm up

Side straddle hop x 25 in cadence

Merkins x 15 in cadence

Imperial storm trooper x 20 in cadence

Abe Vigoda x 10 in cadence

Plank jacks x 15 in cadence


Mosey all the way to the covered entrance…

Arm work, 20 reps, repeato at 15, repeato at 10


Overhead press

Lying Chest fly

Skull crushers

Bent over rows

Standing raise

Plank kickback, both arms

Lying pull over

After each round, go wall sit for the 6, or plank/Al Gore etc.


Mosey to Lido Deck

Tabata, Leg work – 20 seconds on 10 rest 4 rounds

Step ups, alternate legs with weights

Squats with weights

Alternating lunges with weights

Box jumps (no weights)

Fast feet (no weights)



Low flutter

Box cutter


Mutton crunch



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