Q less & Clueless for Bell-Nado

2 brave Pax bore the fury of Col Mustard’s celebration and Uber worthy evening. They rolled out of a coma like sleep and coziness of the fart sack knowing there was no Q and what awaited them. Deep down both would have slept IN except the thought of the other dragging his carcass up the road. “ACCOUNTABILITY!”

And then there were the other 2 smart ones. chuckle chuckle Secretly we all love Bell-Nado because it would have been easy to sign up and Q.

Schnitzel led the Warmarama 15 or so can’t remember.
Cotton Pickers

The thank
15 Burpees
Colt 30s
15 Squats
20 Shoulder Press
20 lawn mowers

lap BB&T after each excercise

15 x Sit and Press IC
15 x mason Twists
15 x LBCs
15 x flutter kicks

All IC with Bells

No Sparknut, Sugar or MC to set the pace. Pace was slow but Furious. Speed records were not set but crop dusting was plentiful as the engines sputtered to clean out the bad fuel from last night. War Daddy set the pace. Rage brothers and Flag were present,

Please give next week your full attention as we celebrate Heatstroke’s Inferno all next week. Make sure you are present and accounted for all week as he will need our support and heckling as he attempts to celebrate his birthday Q 5 in a row!

Rage on Inferno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week RS men of the Gloom

4 Replies to “Q less & Clueless for Bell-Nado”

  1. Thanks for picking up the BB for the people’s Q Whatley. Hahaha…crop dusting. Yep, no land speed records were harmed in this Bellnado. Good having you gentlemen out there. Thx for the promo of next week’s festivities, no bellnados, just FORTY-TWO!!!!

  2. Enjoyed it fellas, that lap after the burpees is the lap-of-death! Dr. Phil has a burst there in his run, especially when he’s cutting off the corners. Was hard to keep track of the reps during the warm-a-rama as the upcoming BellNado cast a hush over the Pax. The @Heatstroke 5-day inferno starts Monday 0530, but includes a Thursday evening pizza-beer reps at Johnny Brusco’s. Aye!

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