Leg day for Roxanne

16 Pax posted for Khakis one year anniversary.  Tomahawk continues to push pax to get stronger.  I enjoyed the mumble chatter and watching grout take over as the AOQ, hopefully by the end of the month he can remember to put the shovel flag out before the workout starts.

Reflection on past year and remembering Walker



10 Burpee Slaughter Start

Bring Sally Up/Down with air squats

Mosey to brick pile and circle up

10 TTT

10 Flutter Kicks


I forgot how grout doesn’t like warmups or SSH so I cut them short.

Partner up and grab a block and head to soccer field.

The Thang

100 Kettlebell Swings-with block

100 Thrusters-with block

100 Accountability Squats-squat down and sit on block

One parterner runs to 50 yd line and does 5 burpees and runs back switching on the exercise until complete-plank it up or pick up the six when finished.


Alternating Lunges-one partner bear crawls 30 yds sprint back while other partner is doing alternating Lunges- continued for about 5 minutes.

Mosey back to block pile

Cirlce up for Ring of Fire with Air squats and people’s chair-one pax run down steps while other pax did one of the two exercises, Had to start sending two at a time for time reasons- and YHC decided when he got to the bottom of the stairs to yell mosey to the flag so Roxanne would not be left out (but I couldn’t find the flag)

Circle up in parking lot for Roxanne Burpees


Prayer Request

Walker’s Family

Floater safe travels

TP brother in law-mass on brain (Daniel)


Bed Bug’s mother in law, continues chemo at Duke




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