Friday Fun Day

Twenty three fine young and not so young men decided to show up today at Centurion.  Even Frehley’s made the trek across the beltway to join us.  There was mumbling right away about running when I was rolling out the old muscles.  Just good prep work fellas.

A proper disclaimer was given, no FNG announced and no questions.  We moseyed over to the parking deck.  Circle up and we did elbow plank for two minutes.  Proper form was strongly encouraged.  The instructions were given for the next exercise.  The triple nickel.  We split into three groups to avoid congestion.  Run to the top and do five diamond merkins.  Run to the bottom and do five hand to wall to merkin exercises.  Plank when done.

We moseyed across the street to the shopping center starting at the Jack in the Box side.  The instructions were to stop at every crosswalk along the shopping center.  Should have been seventeen total.  We did five merkins at every stop.  Mary while the six comes in.  Reverse it and do five squats at every crosswalk,  Plank while waiting on the six.  Last round was stopping and doing five diamond merkins at every establishment that prepares and serves food.  Mary while the six comes in.

We moseyed over to Palentine hill.  We did five staggered arm merkins.  Run over the hill to the other side, modify as needed of course, and do another staggered five arm merkins.  Finish with mary while the six returns.

Mosey back to the AO with a minute and a half of elbow plank to finish.


Moleskin: This is quick.  Have to get to work and change the world.  We only ran 2.5 miles but we ran hard when we were running.  Brillo, Swiper, Check Point and Bout Time were the out front guys.  Palentine was sketchy due to it being wet.  There are a lot of establishments that prepare food in the shopping center.  Thanks to Check Point for keeping us honest about Planet Fitness and their smoothies.  I sure only Haze would have known that since he was probably working there instead of with us.

Announcements: Not to late for the Smokey Mtn Relay, just kidding it is too late.

Brolympics tomorrow.  6:00am.  Go watch the foolery.  The timed mile should be awesome.  A couple of fasties coming down from Metro.  #Bostonqualifiers

F3 Dad’s campout next Saturday Anne Springs.  $5 per person.  Great deal and a lot of guys/kids coming.

Have a great day.  Find someone to bring out to F3 and show the the fun we have.  Attend the second F and third Fs.  That is how you start to build stronger relationships.

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    1. Frasier is tough act to follow and I am sandwiched in between him and Hairball Q. What was I thinking? Plus, my M’s birthday is the 27th and I have to take her out for a few drinks. Ugh.

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