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This past week I had the privilege of joining @F3Pittsburgh for a pre-launch workout on Saturday and @F3Orlando on Wednesday at their newest AO the Square.  I wanted to share a quick field report and encourage you to EH people you know in Pittsburgh and Orlando to help support these groups.

I really experienced the power of F3 this past week.  I was instantly welcomed into two new social groups in the same week just by showing up.  Pretty cool feeling to know you can instantly connect to the community in any city where F3 has workouts.


F3Pittsburgh Launching on 4/29

Christ Church at Grove Farm was looking to start a men’s workout group as part of their men’s ministry.  In researching ideas they found out about F3 nation and decided to kick start F3 in Pittsburgh instead.  My father-in-law goes to the Church so I got to meet and workout with them before their launch.  I meet a great group of guys who have started to really catch the F3 vision.

Before the launch they are building up steam with workouts at Christ Church at Grove Farm.  I made their second ever workout the Saturday before Easter.  I was apparently the first F3 person they had ever met in person so I felt like a celebrity.

The workout was based on watching F3 videos, reading the book, and talking to people on the phone.  So it was pretty close, but not quite ready for launch.  They have some F3 volunteers coming up to do an official Q school and help them get fully up to speed before launch.

They had 17 guys ranging from age 24 to 78 so they already have a great group to launch with.  Espresso and Moses are heading up the efforts and have already done an amazing job catching and spreading the F3 vision (Especially since their first F3 workout were the ones they led).  Espresso killed me with some Pittsburgh hills and his name is perfect (He does not stop moving).

Launch on 4/29 at 7:00am: North Park Pie Traynor Field, S Ridge Dr, Allison Park, PA 15101.

How you can help:  They have a great base to start, but are tied in heavily to one church.  If you know someone in Pittsburgh from another social group that you can get to join the group that would help F3 have a much bigger impact on Pittsburgh.  Without outside connections there is always a danger of F3 Pittsburgh being perceived at just a ministry arm of Christ Church.


F3 OrlandoThe Square

I went to Orlando for a trade show and met Certificate and Quad at F3 Orlando’s newest AO. They picked out an amazing spot for an AO.  I was apparently their first visitor to the new AO and it has been just the two of them for several weeks.

How you can help: F3Orlando is doing well with a strong Saturday workout and a secret 4th Thursday workout currently going on.  But they are still less than a year old.  If you are in town try to make a workout, they will really appreciate the support and connection.  If you know someone in Orlando who would benefit from F3 make sure you let them know.


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