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Tolkien’s Two Cents (moved from bottom to top of BB):

I LOVE F3. It has changed my life. It has given me direction and purpose, and has opened me up to being positively influenced by other men to be a better father, son, brother, husband, friend, coworker… ok maybe not coworker, but you get the point. Odds are it’s doing that for you as well, whether you know that or not… and that’s a good thing.  Where else can you show up in a totally different city, entrust 20 other guys instantly, encourage and be encouraged by them, and chat over a cup of joe afterwards as if you’ve been friends for a while when you’ve seen each others sweaty mugs for about an hour? Where else can you call some dude Princess Aurora, or get a 3 guys to help you move a refrigerator on a dime by posting a Twitter message of a Panda falling into a pile of elephant crap,  You can’t… sadly not even at Church really.  So I owe a lot to F3, even if F3 has really asked nothing from me, not my money, not my time, not my sworn allegiance.  So in my mind, the best thing I can do to pay it forward, to share F3 Nation with other men and lead them, so that they can experience the life-change that I have been so lucky to have gotten myself. F3 is more than just a workout, in fact the First F might be the least important of the three. F3 is a brothership, built on the foundations of mutual respect, and community development, and truly serves the purpose of invigorating men’s leadership in the community.  If you feel this way too, then I challenge you to keep on sharing F3 Nation with others as well.  Send them the link from the Today Show and keep on them to try a workout just one time.  Step out of your comfort zone and lead a workout, find a cause in the community that is underserved and fill the need. Take action, and you will be a different man for it. F3 Nation in Nashville WILL GROW.

If for some reason you don’t feel this way about F3, you’ll get there… I promise. I challenge you to spend 15 minutes at coffeeteeria with leaders like Bagger Vance, or read some of the backblasts about stories of men who have had their life changed, and figure out what’s missing for you, but don’t give up. Men need the strength of other men, shield lock with them.

“A healthy Community will have multiple Shield Locks, groups of 3 to 5 men who form the horizontal relationships that protect and enrich us all. The Q recognizes his Shield Lock as an essential relationship.” – Q-Source

Link to F3 Nation Featured on The Today Show: http://www.today.com/video/how-fitness-fellowship-and-faith-are-bringing-thousands-of-men-together-906361923839


Another STRONG showing by the F3 Nashville crew at Stonewall AO, with 19 men posting in the gloom… which looked a lot more like the sun, this morning, after a strong showing of 23 PAX at Cruel Hall. For the record, that was more PAX than any workout Friday or Saturday in Charlotte A51/SOB/Indian Land/UnionCo/Metro regions in Charlotte! Great work Nashville… keep up the SOLID work and nice to see The Nation growing in person.  Welcome to all the hobbits from The Shire that stepped out of their comfort zone to post this morning.  4 men (Bagger Vance, Deep Dish, Porcelain, JRR Tolkien) logged 4 early fellowship miles before the bootcamp workout to stretch the legs. Fresh off his 120 straight burpee-fest, BigStick joined the crew to make 5, but peeled off on his own route needing to get home earlier. Happy to report his running shorts weren’t on in reverse this morning unlike yesterday.  YHC very much enjoyed leading the group today on my return visit to Nashville, which appears to be an annual trip for my family.

The Thang

The goal of the day was to cover some new ground near the AO (4+ miles covered), introduce a few new exercises (Dragon Flags, reverse burpees, proper single leg squats, and the famous hip-slapper) and bring a F3 Metro style workout to the men of Nashville.  All were accomplished, while having a little bit of fun out there, and hopefully everyone’s abs will be sore for a few days.  Here’s what we did:

  • 7:00AM LET’s GO!!! After disclaimer, quick dynamic warmup with butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle, flapjack. Head West on Clayton up the long hill to Christ the King Church field.
  • At CKC field, plank while wait for the 6.  Perform series of exercises, followed by AYG sprints across field to wall and back for next exercise.  #1: Q called cadence Dragon Flags against the fence (proper form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mf_TLDVwIs #2: Reverse Burpees #3: 1min straight AYG WW2 sit-ups. Finish up with Q called cadence merkin series (5 regular, 5 right hand front, 5 left hand front, 5 diamond, 5 wide, 3 right leg high, 3 left leg high. 31 slow merkins total, which isn’t a lot… but hurts like crazy if you do them as slow as we did in proper form with no rest)
  • Mosey back towards Sevier Park, stopping at top of hill on Clayton for the 6. AYG downhill bomb back to picnic benches at launch. Mary while wait for 6.
  • At picnic tables, single leg squats on tables in Q-called cadence (4 sets of 5 reps per leg… YHC with a head fake on doing more). AYG East on Clayton to near end of street stopping at the wrought iron rail on the Left at the Community Center. 20 Q-Called cadence hip slappers (10 each side) + more Dragon Flags.
  • Mosey North on Lealand to the Steel bridge on on the NE corner of the park for more Dragon Flags… but not before a failed EH by YHC of some dude shooting hoops.
  • We’re only halfway through the workout, and heading to The Main Event. Head East on Kirkwood, stopping at preschool lot on corner of Vaulx for the 6 doing some mary. Left on Vaulx to corner of Vaulx and Dewees… look what we have here!
  • YHC has found a pretty STEEP hill (10% grade overall, 15-20% at some point in the middle) YHC temporarily named on Strava as ‘Stonewall Sellout #VAULXHALLA’, which is a slightly under .2mi uphill segment starting from the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, up to the large tree at the top of the hill on the right once the road becomes flat.  #1: AYG forwards run #2: AYG backwards run #3: AYG partner carry half-way up the hill.
  • Head home, stop at corner parking lot for some mary to wait for the 6. Mosey back to the NE corner of the Park for more Dragon Flags. Finally, YHC attempts some Strava GPS art on the hill of the park, to get to 4+ miles for the workout. Mosey back to launch for COT. YHC with the takeout, and FINITO!

Naked Moleskine

YHC appreciates the effort this morning from everyone, especially Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot’s 15yr old 2.0 named ‘Ringo‘ for Ringo Starr, the drummer for The Beatles.  Little dude gave it his all this morning, despite being a little nervous, fit right in, and made it through a very tough first workout.  You got a long way to go though buddy, your dad still has some wheels especially for a big dude.  If you did the Dragon Flags properly, then YHC expects many of you to have to roll over and get out of bed tomorrow on your stomachs, not your backs! Nice to have Striker, my fellow out-of-town F3 brother, post this morning.  Good luck on your upcoming Q and glad you now have a few more tricks up your sleeve.  After 18.5 hot tough miles yesterday, Big Bang was fast on the AYGs despite tired legs. Best of luck on the marathon in few weeks! Bagger Vance, Deep Dish, and Porcelain were unaffected by the 4mile pre workout run, and looked strong throughout the workout. Bagger naturally, showed his being #HIM by covering the 6 at times as well. Thank you brother.  Floppy Disk has an appropriate name, as he runs fast both forwards and flipping backwards where he easily claimed victory up the new uphill Strava segment YHC created called ‘The Jeweler’s Splash Mountain’. Speaking of The Jeweler, dude is ridiculously FAST, and he SMASHED the field on the uphill AYG in something less than 39 seconds, and has merlot spillage at the top to show for it. For that very strong effort, the hill is hereby called ‘The Jeweler’s Splash Mountain’.  Too bad he’s not on Strava and Floppy holds the Strava Record. As we say in Charlotte, if it’s not on Strava it doesn’t count!  YHC was partnered with Blue Mule on the partner carries up the hill, which did NOT follow my own instructions of picking a partner of similar size and strength. YHC carried Mule slowly up the first half, and Mule blasted up the hill running with YHC 175lbs of Panda girth the rest of the way. We were a close second and YHC did not catch who won, since YHC was too busy screaming like little girl from the bumpy ride up!  Lots of other strong efforts out there, including Binary who hung with everyone as a 55yr old Respect #wardaddy.  Two ridiculous events today… 1) who told the hoopster to come workout with us and then they’d come back and beat him at 1-on-1? ~20yr old kid would have smashed all of us on Splash Mountain, and dunked on us like Prince did in Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories! 2) no callout on the backwards “3” in F3 YHC attempted to draw at the end of the workout? #notanartist  Sound off in comments for whatever YHC may have missed.

It was another welcome visit for YHC who was last here MLK weekend last year, a few weeks before Dredd and OBT, and the great snowstorm.  Last year, the Franklin AO’s had not yet been established and it’s great to see The Nation growing to support Nashville and Franklin. Bartman, YHC will make a trip your way next time in town!  Wishing you all the best of luck in your growth, and thanks for welcoming YHC to your AOs.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter with you and your families. He is risen, he is risen indeed..

Thanks again to Bagger Vance and Big Bang for the invite to Q, it was a pleasure to lead as always. See you men next trip. If you are in the Charlotte area, hit me up! Or hope to see you all at Spartan Asheville. AROO!

SYITG~ JRR Tolkien

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