The numbers only went up at #The Estate

As Chisel asked me to post this I have taken the liberty to express a thought or two I had this morning –

1. Dude, ladder is supposed to go up on one exercise AND down on the other.
2. Bro, ladder is still supposed to go up on one exercise AND down on the other.
3. Buddy, we already ran up and down this hill multiple times.
4. Chief, once again, ladder is supposed to go up on one exercise AND down on the other.

Anyway, here it is as written by Chisel:

13 men got out of bed. Smaller group than the past few weeks, I’ll attribute this to late night basketball.

We started with a typical Warmorama:

20 SSH
20 IST
20 Merkins
10 Abe Vagodas
10 Slow Mt Climbers

Then, speaking of basketball, we headed to to the parking lot across the bridge from the field to run hill suicides. This was on honor of the 52 fallen teams.
We ran up and down the hill, suicide style, stopping to do 5,10,15,20,25 merkins at the stop sign, 3 speed bumps, and top of the road. At the bottom we did 15 LBCs each time.

We then moseyed to the field, started in one corner, ran to short corner did 10 plank jacks and back to do 20 squats; repeated to long corner and cross corner doing 20 and 30 PJs at each and squats with each return. This was going to be up the hill again, but I decided to avoid mutiny.

Back to the hill for one last suicide: this time stopping at each speed bump to do 5 each normal/wide/diamond merkins, increasing by 5 each speed bump and 15 WWIIs at the bottom.
Each time we circled back to pick up the six and finished together.

A couple of minutes for Mary:
20 Freddie Mercurys
20 American Hammers

Not too much chatter. I would have thought this was due to dook’s early bow out, but didn’t see any obvious dookies today. Too bad, ’cause the suicides would have been good therapy.

YHC took us out thanking God for the opportunity to exercise together and prayers for those expecting a family addition this month.

It was privileged to lead and be a part of out time together this AM

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  1. Chisel proved how he is able to keep warm. He brought the heat this morning.

    If my count was right we got to 200 merkins Thanks for getting in the double Benjamin!

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