Fifteen men met YHC in front of the Sanitary this morning in 33 degree weather with a stiff north breeze upon us.  After a mumbled disclaimer and no FNG’s we waste no time heading off on a westward mosey to the fountain for a little warmarama.  It went something like this:

SSH x 15 IC……but wait first late arrival Crabby Englishman costs us 4 burpees

Peter Parker x 15 IC…next latecomer Shaft another 4 burpees

Windmills x 10 IC…Unbelievable 2 more… Belly Flop and Flip another 8 burpees

Sun Gods 10 forward/ reverse….Yep you guessed it still another.. Doogie rolls in and another  set of 4 burpees before we can finish

Parker Peters x 15 IC

Then over to the fountain for: Dips x 20 led by Madoff

Derkins x 15

Box jumps x 15

With the blood flowing at this point we move on down Shepard st to the tennis courts stopping once to assemble the pax for one set of LBCs x 20 IC

At the tennis courts we roll through 10 counts from each man for:

BAlls to the wall

Peoples Chair


On the move again back towards waterfront we count off ones and twos.  At the first block.  Ones will make a quick lap around the block while twos complete 20 merkins and Lt Dan to next cross street.  Then switch off.  Next round 30 LBCs and broad jump burpee till pax returns.  Last round 20 plankjacks and 20 mountain climbers.

Much to Jangs delight we ran right through time for MAry.  YHC was impressed to see such a strong showing this Monday morning despite the cold weather!  We will remember to be in prayer for Laetners Godfather.  YHC took us out with a simple prayer of thanks and a reminder that one of the reasons we come together to strengthen our minds and bodies is to be able to go into the community and be better men, brothers, fathers, and leaders.

Always an honor and a pleasure



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