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F3 | June 29, 2017

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Off and Running

  • When: 03/20/17
  • QIC: Tawny
  • The PAX: Gooney, Blazing Saddles, Tiny Dancer, Booyah, Hopps, Simba, Knight Rider, Sheldon, Jello, Thunder Road, Drano, Smash, FNG, Torpedo, Adobe, FNG ("Parmesan"), and 2nd FNG ("Tony Danza")

Compared to last week, the weather was a mild 40 degrees. We welcomed 2 FNGs, whom will forever be known as “Parmesan” and “Tony Danza”.

The Thang: 

Started off with some stretches – hamstrings and legs.
Moved on to the COP:
10 Merkins
15 SSH
8 Merkins
15 Imperial Walkers
6 Merkins
15 Mountain Climbers
4 Merkins
15 Low Slow Squats
2 Merkins

Mosey onto 51 toward the playground, stopping at each light to do 10 LBCs.

Hit the playground for some circuit work: 
3 rounds with a lap around the playground parking lot:
1) 15 Pull-ups, 15 Dips, and 15 Step-ups
2) 10 Pull-ups, 10 Dips, and 10 Step-ups
3) 8 Pull-ups, 8 Dips, and 8 Step-ups

Headed to the wall for 2 rounds of wall-sits, one with arm-raises (50 at civilian count)

Mosey back onto 51, stopping at the lights again, this time with 10 Low Slow Squats, then back to the parking lot for a quick set of Mary (Protractor and LBCs).

Ended with announcements and thanking God for, well…everything!

  • On March 20, 2017

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