Maybe no one will show…….

A couple of weeks ago, YHC signed up to Q today’s #Hustle for F3RunTheWood. This run has become a favorite of mine to work on getting a little more speed. What better way to make sure you show up and do the harder thing than to sign up to Q the pax? Well, that all looked good on paper a couple of weeks ago. Little did I know, that the South Carolina Gamecocks MBB was going to start balling in the NCAA Tournament. Naturally, a thrilling victory last night over the Dukies and into the Sweet 16, left YHC up way past bedtime and so fired up he could barely sleep. YHC rolled out of bed with way less than 5 hours of sleep but determined to make good on that tweet the day before promising to bring mile repeats to the pax that showed. YHC must admit though, thoughts of everybody else staying up late and no showing crossed my mind on the way to The Ship. Hence the Title……Maybe no one will show. Yep… that would be nice! No one show, then I can head back and get a whopping 30 min of sleep more. Thankfully, as YHC approached The Ship red tail lights could be seen in the area the pax park for workouts. As I pulled in to park (at a cutting it close 0513) I could see it was CornCob. The ever faithful #Hustler. That makes 2…..not going anywhere now. A few seconds later the youngster himself Cold Feet drove up. Well, there goes the 2 man BOM.

The trio strolled down to the track. YHC gave the disclaimer and explained the work to be done. It was about this time Cold Feet decided to walk off under the bleachers. YHC shook this off (trying not to feel insulted by the young kid that he hated my plan). We learned later the young Cold Feet sometimes must go to the restroom quite frequently. It just happened to be that time. Corncob and I started anyway and Cold Feet would soon catch back up. After a lap or 2 warming up, Dark Shadow um I mean Tickle appeared on the track. The plan was explained but on this day Tickle was here for a recovery run. The track is good for that as well. No hills and the cushioning can give the legs a little rest. Shockingly a little #mumblechatter made its way to #Hustle as Hurdles were left in areas on the track. Jokes were made about incorporating these into the run but thankfully no one attempted this. Pretty sure it would not have ended well. All in all the workout went like this.

1 mile warm-up, 1 mile hard, 1 mile easy, 1 mile hard…….do what you can and modify if needed.

So back to that comment and title….yep I thought it. I have no idea what I would have done if no one was there. I would like to think I would have just run solo anyway. I have done that before at #Hustle. I can tell you though the call of the #Fartsack was strong. Today though pax posted for each other at Hustle and other AO’s in F3Greenwood and all over F3Nation. You may have been drawn out by fitness, fellowship, needing prayer, or just to make sure another pax did not post alone. I for one am grateful they did. It made sure I got my workout in. It would not have happened later in today’s busy times. But more than that, it gave me fellowship with the pax and time to pray with and for them. It helped get my day kick started to make through another crazy day that is life. Hopefully, it had some of the same effects on the other pax. So keep posting…..for yourself, for the pax, and for the Q. We #GetBetter together…….Aye!

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