Comanche – New AO Preblast

PREBLAST Courtesy of our Weasel Shaker, Sugar:

Comanche – 3.28.17
Comanche is the latest addition to the collection of AOs within the MeCa Region. Launching on 3.28.17 at Cox Mill Elementary School on Cox Mill Rd, this AO will offer Tuesday only beatdowns at 0530.
Comanche takes it’s name from one of the toughest, battle tested warhorses of the 7th Calvary. Purchased by the US Army in 1868, he was chosen by his Captain for his unique size and would soon become known for his bravery earning the name Comanche after being wounded in battle against the Comanche Indians. Throughout the following years, he would be wounded several more times in many battles but would always survive. Comanche would become a legend and a mascot of the 7th Calvary after emerging the lone survivor of his final battle, The Battle of the Little Big Horn.
Much like Comanche this new AO is sure to be tough and will test your resiliency and will to survive.
What – The launch of Comanche
When – 3.28.17 – 0530
Where – Cox Mill Elementary School, Cox Mill Rd, Concord, NC
For the interesting story of Comanche, lone survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, check HERE.
To sign up to Q this awesome new AO, click HERE.

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