5 PAX with Coupons @ Stonewall 18 March

Cool. Wet. Drizzling. Overcast. Day after Saint Patrick’s Day. Plenty of reasons not to post, but 5 PAX powered through and #redpilled anyway.

This was the second to last Blue Mule’s Week of Coupons workout. 5 PAX posted. Each PAX was assigned set of 25 pound wrapped bricks. YHC, in true lead from the front fashion, had the heaviest coupon, a plate weighing in at 30 pounds. It has a handle, though, which makes it easier to carry.

COUPON MOSEY: Being first task at 0700. Coupons up. All PAX mosey in a gaggle around west chunk of park. involves running up a hill and back down to the starting point area. All PAX finish by swingset with the short brick wall.

WARM UP: Squats, good mornings, Willie Mayes Hayes, baby arm circles forward and back.

11s: STEP UPS and THRUSTERS: Grab that coupon. All PAX go over to the short brick wall. First round is 10 step ups and one thruster. Each round decrease number of step ups by one and increase number of thrusters by one. In between rounds, hold squat for the six. Tons of mumble chatter and grunting means that all PAX were really feeling it. That is a pretty high wall!

COUPON MOSEY: Move from the swingset to the basketball courts with coupons.

COUPON SUICIDES: PAX group up into two teams — a team of two and a team of three. One PAX runs a leg of a suicide — near free throw, half court, far free throw, full court — while other PAX performs overhead arm press. Rinse and repeat five times.

COUPON MOSEY: Move from basketball courts to tennis courts.

COUPON DUCK WALKS AND THRUSTERS: All PAX line up on one side of tennis courts. There are ten lines. All PAX duck walk to each line. Perform thrusters at each line, increasing number of thruster reps by one each round. That’s a lot of duck walking and thrusting.

COUPON MOSEY: Mosey to the playground.

PULL UPS AND SQUATS: All PAX perform squats with coupons. Each PAX takes a turn doing pull ups. Five rounds of pull ups, increasing number of reps each round.

COUPON SPRINTS: Self-explanatory. All PAX grab coupon and sprint up the hill about 50 yards, then spring back. Rinse and repeat 5 times, totaling 10 sprints total.

COUPON MOSEY: Mosey back to swing sets for Mary.

PAX PICK YOUR MARY: 5 PAX, each pick their own exercise, 20 count in cadence, but the catch is that it must involve the coupon. Round one was hello dollies, round two was American hammers, round three was lunges, round four was squats, round five was flutter kicks.

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure!


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