Pre Pre-Blast Sasquatch 2017

This will be the 3rd time ENC Crossbones invites F3 Nation to participate in the Sasquatch. Named after a brother who decided to head West (Big Foot) and dedicated to our Regions first Nantan…Papa Smurf. The Sasquatch is special because the focus is on our brotherhood. The Glue. Last June when he got the news that he had ALS it hit ENC Crossbones Pax hard. Remarkably and as only he can do Papa Smurf taught us all something important. That is the foundation for this year’s Sasquatch.

“Know that your life matters to many so do good work; laugh every day and press on!”

July 29, 2017 we will launch from the Town Commons, Greenville NC, 6:00 am. The Sasquatch. It will be hot, cloudy or overcast. There will be guys wearing short shorts. Hoff will headlock guys who happen to come within his sights. Count on it. Strangers, mostly women, will cheer you on if you are with Lachey. The Qs will have fun beatdowns with the Pax. There will be cramping for some of us. You will be there for your brothers and they will be there for you. Count on it. The finish line of flags will be something you will never forget. The BOM will bring tears to your eyes and gratitude to your heart. Count on it.


July 29, 2017 Town Commons Greenville NC 6:00 is not about a trophy. Yes, there will be a trophy and patches and breakfast. It’s not about who’s the fastest. It’s about a man whose true understanding of life and its meaning has forever changed the lives of so many. Come and sweat. Come fellowship. Most of all come and do good work while you laugh with your brothers and family as we press on.

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  1. I am so pumped for this! Sign me up already :)
    The M and her FiA lady friends were talking about wedding anniversaries the other day. My M informed her friends that our anniversary is July 29th, so she already knows what she will be doing every year.

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