F3 Emblazoned GORUCK 20L Rucker Raffle for ALS

Here’s the deal guys.

Over the last few months as we’ve been planing this weekend’s GrowRuck 02 in Eastern North Carolina, I’ve heard a great deal about a man named Papa Smurf that hails from Greenville (F3 ENC). He’s been a awesome force behind growing F3 in the area, and a helluva inspiration to the men there.

Papa Smurf has been bravely fighting ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for awhile now, and as a token of the Nation’s appreciation for what this man has done in the lives of other men, I’d like us to make a donation to the ALS Association North Carolina Chapter in his name and honor.

Here’s how we’ll do it

I’ve got this brand spankin new navy blue 20 liter GORUCK Rucker with a kickass F3 logo embroidered on the front pocket. Since navy blue is the official color for ALS Awareness, we’ll raffle it off over the weekend in conjunction with GrowRuck 02 and draw a winner on Sunday, March 12th around 8:00 (or after we get patched). You do not need to be present at the GrowRuck to win.

$20 per ticket, enter as much as you like. Please send $20 via PayPal (friends and family style) to: ironfundsllc@gmail.com

100% of the proceeds from this raffle will donated to the ALS Association North Carolina Chapter in Papa Smurf’s name.

For more information about ALS, please visit http://www.alsa.org.

I look forward to meeting you this weekend Papa Smurf!


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