GrowRuck 02 Preblast & Agenda Update


With GrowRuck 02 quickly approaching, I wanted to provide you men with an update. Please read this comz completely and post something clever in the comments below…

First off, I want to thank the local Qs for their help in organizing the event. These men (listed below) have spent many hours herding cats and without their hard work, this event would not be possible. Next time you seen them thank them, unless your local Q is The Hoff, then in that case give him a nuggie.

Local Qs:

  • Cape Fear: The Hoff & EPO
  • Carterico: Gertrude
  • ENC: Tater
  • New Bern: Mr Roboto

Secondly, I want to tell you men how excited I am about the opportunity that lies before us. As anyone who’s done an event like a GORUCK Tough before will tell you, putting yourself in a stressful and difficult situation helps you better understand who you are, and where your limits lie. Most men who take on and finish a Tough find that those limits are well past what they originally perceived. Additionally, the bonds forged in these difficult situations are strong and not easily broken.

This experience paired with F3 GrowSchool will hopefully strengthen your leadership chops and give you some tools to help you grow your regions.

Now, he’s all the logistical info that you’ll need to know for the weekend:


I trust that all of you have figured out where you’re going to crash on Friday night. If you need help with lodging, contact your local Q, he can discuss options.

For those of you that need last minute accommodations, contact the Bask Hotel in downtown Morehead City and tell them you are with the  GrowRuck02 Challenge party and see if they’ll honor the discounted rates.


We’ll distribute t-shirts during the weekend. Wearing these shirts has been scientifically proven to make you stronger. Trust me.

Packing List

Please double-check that you have all the required items on the packing list in your ruck prior to start time. Don’t be the guy that causes OBT to have to do 100 (more) burpees.

Required Packing List

  • A rucksack or backpack
  • 6 Bricks (4 if under 150 lbs) / 30# plate (20# if under 150 lbs)
  • Water – 2L minimum (hydration bladder recommended)
  • PT belt/reflective band around your ruck
  • $20 cab fare if you need to bail
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • A photo ID

You can check out GORUCK’s full packing list and recommended items here.


Dinner & Drinks: Friday Night, March 10th 6:30pm – Until
Floyd’s 1921 Restaurant (400 Bridges StreetMorehead City, NC)
( $15 + $5 suggested donation for the Friends of Fort Macon (, pay at the door. Cash bar available.

Convergence: Saturday Morning, March 11th 7:00am
West Carteret High School (4700 Country Club Rd., Morehead City)
Convergence led by Dredd & OBT, with men from three local regions. This is not intended to be a heavy, break-you workout, but hell, you never know with these two guys at the helm.

Coffeeteria & GrowSchool: Saturday Morning, March 11th 8:15am – 10:30am
Breakfast provided by Chick-Fil-A (optional), in a sit-down instructional setting, led by Dredd & OBT in the West Carteret High School gym (Go Patriots!).

GORUCK  Tough Challenge: Saturday Evening, March 11th 5:00pm
Ft. Macon State Park (2303 E Fort Macon Rd)
Our challenge will take place at Historic Fort Macon State Park and will begin at 6:00pm. Show up early.

Also, you may want to familarize yourself with some of the Fort’s history. Cadre are known to ask random history questions and your answers can either help – or hurt you.

GrowRuck 02 Afterparty/Breakfast: Sometime Sunday Morning
1809 East Ft. Macon Rd., Atlantic Beach, NC – 1.8 miles from the fort parking lot on the right, look for the shovel flags.
The men of Carterico have put together something special for you guys after we get patched on Sunday morning. Don’t sleep through this!

I look forward to meeting you guys next weekend. It’s gonna be a helluva good time at the beach!


3 Replies to “GrowRuck 02 Preblast & Agenda Update”

  1. If you are on the fence about this, I have few words for you. Get off the damn fence on the safe side back up and start running towards the fence full speed, grab the top of the fence and catipult yourself over like the man you are, you may land on two feet, you may have a brother help you up. Haven’t trained enough, got a little injury, work through it. So you may be sore, that’s what the future is for mending.

    Get off your ass, make arrangements with your family, you and your brothers need this.

    Unite, get it together in your head, you are thinking about, you thought about, you just signed up. Done. Robber just gave you details, don’t worry about anything, just go. Just go.

    If you have questions we are all around to help. Feel free to ask.

  2. Nice event summary, Robber – I didn’t think techies like you were literate, but life surprises again. You have a few comma splices, and your use of semi-colons is questionable (did you even use any?), but I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. I look forward to meeting you in person (I think) and replacing the foam peanuts in your ruck with some real weight. Thanks for taking lead Q on this event. Job. well. done. Hoff, out

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