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F3 | April 29, 2017

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Preblast: Rebooting The F3 Super Bowl

  • When: 05/20/17
  • QIC: F3 Summerville

F3 is gearing up for the next installment of our annual Super Bowl, the Ultimate Mud Run. We aren’t just doing another Mud Run this year. The men of F3 Summerville are rebooting the whole dang thing.

After many successful events put on by the Columbia regions of F3, Ken Doll wrote “you may have noticed a steady drop in attendance over the past few Mud Run events. In addition, the enthusiasm for our Super Bowl has waned.”

It’s true. Very true. So we’re starting over and giving you a reason to come back out and fellowship with over 500 of your brothers from every F3 region.

Some things will remain the same. We’ll have a big tent. We’ll have a beer boat. But you’re going to see a lot of changes.

For starters – only one Mud Run in 2017. It will be the Spring one held on May 20th. And it’s going to be epic. Bet on it!

Best of all – more competition and more partying!

You’ll see:

1. A longer after party.
2. A new tailgating row (Second F Village if anyone asks) with tents from every region.
3. More competition before, during and after the run. Think awards for a Respect crew, Rucking crew, F3 Olympics and much more. We’ll announce all that soon.
4. A more competitive starting order.
5. A competition to see who can chug more beers than Team Unicorn Slaughterhouse Death Match – certainly going to happen, maybe, probably not.

What: 2017 Mud Run – The Super Bowl of F3

When: Saturday, May 20th | 0700

Cost: $60 per person

How: Click here –
(after signing up here you will be sent to a page with the PayPal link for payment)

IMPORTANT: You will sign up for the Mud Run individually. Your Region Nantan will appoint Region Mud Run Q. You should report your team name and members to your Region Mud Run Q. Additional information will be sent to your Region Nantan and Mud Run Q later.


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