Queen (Q1.4)

The Q’s daily discipline over what he puts into his body

The Queen is the nutrition component of the Royalty Race.

A man cannot win the Royalty Race by reliance alone upon the King. No matter how hard and consistently a man may exercise, if his diet is haphazard his Fitness kingdom will not stand. The Queen cannot be ignored, even by the strongest of Kings.

That being said, the Q is not an ascetic. He does not believe that there is any food that is inherently bad. If the SkyQ saw fit to put it within our reach, than he must have intended for us to eat it. In other words, food is good—the problem is one of portion and balance.

We offer a simple argument in support of this contention. The Neolithic Revolution began about ten-thousand years ago. That was when man discovered agriculture, which led to the wheel and then the ability to write. Since then, recorded human history has been driven primarily by man’s efforts to reliably feed himself. Even today, there are parts the world that suffer from periodic famine.

But not in America, circa 2016. Here, we have solved the age-old dilemma of hunger and replaced it with a wholly new problem: obesity.

Think about what a time traveler from 1870 would have to say about the drive-thru window at McDonalds. In his day, 80% of the American population farmed. That means that only two out of every ten people did not spend their day in pursuit of putting food on the table. Today, that effort only requires 2% of the American population. Now, the overwhelming majority of us can feed ourselves by walking ten steps to the car, driving to a window in the side of a colorful building and exchanging six bucks for 1500 calories.

The time traveler would likely think this to be wonderful, incredible. To him, McDonalds would appear to be the answer to a dream, the solution to everything that has bedeviled man since the dawn of time. But that would only be his first thought. His second should be that there seems to be a lot of fat people driving through that pick-up lane, more fat people than he had ever seen back in 1870. Ultimately, he might just ask himself if there wasn’t something of value in having to struggle a bit to feed oneself.

Maybe, but let’s face it, the genie is out of that particular bottle. We are really good at producing food in abundance with less human effort than anyone ever thought possible. The reestablishment of an agrarian society full of skinny people is not a viable solution to the obesity problem. Nor is there much utility in instituting a dark Bloombergian utopia where people can only drink their Mountain Dew from 8 oz. cups and every Big Mac has a useless warning stamped on it: “eating this will make you fat!”

The only thing that does work is portion control and balance, voluntary portion control and balance. And the only way to convince people of that truth is to Lead them to it, which is where the Q comes in. He is a man committed to the Queen. The things he eats are not as important as how much of them he eats. His ability to exert daily portion control and balance over his own diet gives him the credibility he needs to advocate on behalf of the Queen in his Community.

Nutrition is Queen. The Q takes very good care of the Queen.

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