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F3 | June 29, 2017

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  • When: 01/12/2017
  • QIC: Back Cracker
  • The PAX: Febreeze (WD), Point Break, Jordache, Flyboy, Big Country, King Julian, Grasshopper (WB), 2 Step, Pleasure, Schoolbus, Levi, Quantum, FNG

When YHC was a wee lad, his sister used to torture him for hours listening to, talking about, and daydreaming about George Michael. So, to commemorate George’s untimely passing this Last Christmas, 14 men joined the Wham! BEATDOWN



15 -IC
Cotton Pickers

The Wham!
5 – W’s
5 – Hand release merkins
5 – Air squats
5 – Merkins
– !Sprint to the next tree

Do 10 WHAM then sprint to next tree, increase by 5 at each tree until 25, then work your way back down.

Mosey around the AO

Lunge walk from curb to second tree
Frankenstein walk to next tree
Reverse lunge walk to next tree


1. My clothes smell just foul. Why did YHC have us workout on the ground?
2. Welcome to Quantum (FKA Geoff) and the other FNG
3. Great job on the pre-running King Julian, 2 Step, and Pleasure
4. 32 degree increase in temperature for the BEATDOWN between Tuesday and today has to be some kind of record

Back Cracker

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