VQ & The Ring of Fire

Whether you’re a V, a Q, a VQ or all 3 you understand the q’drenaline associated with your first time. YHC had to tell himself a bed time story at 1:30 am to kill said q’drenaline in order to fall back asleep. It was like Salmonella had slipped me some of his Hyde supposetories in my sleep.

5:30 AM the first timer disclaimer was issued. (Not only was YHC not a professional but he had never done this before) Followed closely by 20 SSH, 15 Don Quijotes with a butchered cadence, 20 RNC and 15 four count squats.

The Thang: A Bataan Death March “the long way” to the firepit got the blood flowing and allowed time for Salmonella to describe his Hyde pills and question each pax excitement level. The Ring of Fire began. Thd Pax formed a circle on their 6 facing away from the middle with feet at 6 inches. Each PAX circled the ring twice with s love top for each and every Pax feet. Next was the Merkin ROF followed by the Squat ROF. This is where the VQ got played by the War Daddys. YHC failed to demonstrate the proper Kim Kardashian booty flex required between sets. Legs were straight butts were not out and YHC felt ashamed.

We transitioned quickly to a modified Jacobs ladder suicide. Duck walk to the penalty line thing or whatever, mosey back, bearcrawl to midfield, mosey back, lunges to the garbage can, mosey back, jello leg double time full field and back. We went home the way we came, on the Death Crawl Express with a little twist… “swing around the soccer field one time first” mumbling ensued.

VQ finished by using MARY time to incorporate thd LBC ROF followed by counterama, hospital names, pledge and prayer.

All in all the PAX feedback for VQ was positive, they said it was “good in a bad way”. Although YHC believes they tell all the girlx that.

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