Scary Rabbits

3rd post this week, 3rd Q this week. Didn’t plan that well…..

It was tough getting out of bed again. The sack was calling strongly, my desire to run was minimal. But downstairs, on the front of my fridge is a piece of A4 paper. Printed on this piece of paper is a plan. A plan that @Brutus assures me will get me to the end of the March 25th marathon. This plan says I have to run today. So I got up and got ready.

Pre-Run up to Tradition to meet pre-runners. Only Brutus this morning. Off to the valley. We came across @Skipper who was getting in his own pre-run. We could hear and slightly see some other men running on Prosperity, but we couldn’t see their faces. We think this may have been the Iron Fisters, King Louie, Major Pain and Maximus getting their run on!

Are Pre-runs catching on? Yes, YES they are!!

We were joined by some more men at The Valley. To begin with it was just fast rabbits rolling in. YHC was getting a little scared. Ive gotten a little faster over the years, but not @Landlord fast! Yes, Landlord was there. Shocking i know….But true.

Simple loop
Down to Governor Hunt, Right on D. Taylor, Left up Senator Royal, through to Galloway and back to the Valley.

Brutus and I continued with our post run home.

Mileage was from 4.5 to 8.8 this morning.

Good work men!!

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  1. I celebrate my birthday with u @Dingo and don’t even get a mention in the #bb about it? #sorrowsoffortytwo
    Anybody from @Highlands seen the birthday sash and crown lately? #circaF32012

  2. Happy Birthday Skipper! Pretty good turnout even though it was drizzling early…and everyone running strong. Dang it Landlord, how can you take a month off and still run so fast?

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